Malawi ruling DPP wins by-polls, add two MPs

Malawi ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has won all two parliamentary seats in the by-elections held on Tuesday in Thyolo East and Blantyre North.

The party has also won both seats in Northern Region’s local government polls-claiming Zgeba Ward in Karonga and Mbalachanda Ward in Mzimba. The other two – Lifupa Ward in Kasungu and Lisanjala Ward in Mchinga- have gone to independent candidates.

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has grabbed the Kandeu Ward in Ntcheu North East Constituency

DPP scored an important victory by holding on to their parliamentary seat in Thyolo East which fell vacant after the winner in the May 20 election, Peter Mutharika, was also declared winner in the presidential polls.

Mutharika and MP-elect for Blantyre North, Francis Phiso

Mutharika and MP-elect for Blantyre North, Francis Phiso

DPP’s Greyson Solomon won the Thyolo East seat while Francis Phiso emerged winner in Blantyre North.

In the local government race, three seats are reported to have also been won by DPP.

In northern region Mzimba Mbalachanda ward, DPP’s  Moses Kamanga won with 2,579 with an independent candidate Davis Chipato Gondwe coming second with 2438 votes.

Speaking after the announcement, Kamanga said he is very happy to emerge winner in the ward following a stiff competition against his other contenders.

“I am very happy because my biggest competitor was being sponsored by the sitting MP thus I feel like I have beaten the MP in this race”, Kamanga said.

District Commissioner for Mzimba Felix Mkandawire said the by-elections were “free, fair and credible.”

Out of the 18484 people who registered in the ward, Palipose John Chipeta of People’s Party (PP) got 326, Davis Chipato Gondwe an independent candidate got 2438 and Moses Kamanga, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) got 2579 respectively.

Meanwhile, DPP secretary general Jean Kalilani commended the voters saying that have with certainty rejected opportunism and meaningless political rhetoric in preference for national development and unity.

The by-elections were marred by voter apathy as in some areas less than half of registered voters turned up to cast their vote.

Political analyst Dr Augustine Magolowondo attributed the low turn out to people’s frustration with challenges that marred the May 20 tripartite elections.

Magolowondo also faulted the Commission for not conducting adequate civic education to woe more voters.—(Additional reporting by Juliet Mlowoka Chirwa)

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DPP ndi machine dala!!

Changoima boy s4

Zamkutu basi DPP ndiye boma len ileni mu 2019 Dpp idzatenga ma seat 173 enawo adzagawana woyee,chapananga woyee,changoima woooooooooyeeeeeeeeeeee

Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma
Hon Dickens Chipalamandule Ngoma

Kumeneko ndiye kubwera booo! DPP WOYEEEEEEE! Prof APM woyeeeee! – CONGRATS!

real life

Amalawi when shall we stop the tribalist bickering. sizitithandizatu zimenezi. timange Malawi with people who can lead our country with passion and deligence.Remember, there will be none outside our Malawi that will come to rule us. Ine zazigawozi zimandinyasa ndi ndikunditopetsa koopsa. Tikumutaya tokhatu malawi. tikuchedwa nazo zimenezo. lets rise above partisan politics and build our nation.

othere countries akutiwerenga kuit kwathu nkukangana. tiyeni tizilimbana ndi ma investors kuti kodi ndi chiani angapangire Amalwi, nanga mpati tili loose kuti dziko lathu liyende bwino osati ati hee achakwera, a msowoya, peter. nzachabechabe zimenezo abaleinu.
tiyeni tikhuzumuke


ine kimva kukoma basi DPP the party of the people

Ine ndine wa chigawo cha pakati. Ndinavotera MCP. Ndimakonda MCP. Congratulations DPP kuti mwaiwina, apa zasonyeza kuti anthu akukondani apa zobera ndikukhulupilira kuti panalibe. Ndimakonda chilungamo tha is why I am congratulating you the DPP koma ndimakonda MCP. Chenjezo kwa inu anzanga nonse a MCP and especially the Centrals. Chakwera wants to sell us to the mortherners. northerners ndi anthu odzikonda, they just want to use MCP through Chakwera za Fedralism. Mulekeni Chakwera adzathandize the northeners koma ife ayi, Chakwera akulamulilidwa ndi mkazi wake nya Kayira wa ku Rumphi ndichifukwa chake anasankha Msowoya kuleka kutenga a Sidiki Mia kapena a… Read more »
I am sure you don’t come from the centre and I can understand the pain you are taking to convince the chewas that they are better off with the lomwes. Unfortunately the chewas are neither comfortable with the Nyika nor the lomwes. You are all useless where developing a country is concerned. The tumbukas are good clerks and lomwes make good manual workers and policemen. Oh ooh and good thieves too. Federation is a waist of time Chewas please come back home. You southerners and northerners go home. You mama is lonely. GO HOME GO HOME GO HOME……..
mario pei

Chakwera is a hopeless hope for MCP ndipo sandzalamulira Malawi koma palibe chifukwa kukwatira mai Nyakaira she is a well mannered lady with natural looks a good example and good model for all the skin bleached crew


Mbwenumbwenu, learn to respect your friends. This should not be a platform to insult people.


You mbwenumbwenu kutukwana anzanu? learn to respect your friends


Next tifuna referendum ya Quota System kenako federalism tiwone maganizo a Malawi. Nanga si inayamba ndi quota system before the so called federalism?


D phi phi boma ilo

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