Malawi to mount fight against wildlife crime – Mutharika

Malawi President Prof. Peter Mutharika has committed to step up the fight against wildlife crime, which has wide-ranging negative economic, environmental and social impacts.

President Mutharika and the VP inspect Ivory heaped at the Parliament building - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika and the VP inspect Ivory heaped at the Parliament building – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Game Ranger on a display of the Ivory heaped in the Parliament building - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Game Ranger on a display of the Ivory heaped in the Parliament building – Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika receives a gift of a curved elephant from Information and Tourism MinisterKondwani Nankhumwa - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika receives a gift of a curved elephant from Information and Tourism MinisterKondwani Nankhumwa – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Speaking on Thursday when he presided over the World Wildlife Day commemoration held at Parliament Building in Lilongwe, Mutharika said his government is aware that the world is heading towards a wildlife crisis.

“It’s time to get serious about wildlife crime,” Mutharika said in his message while marking the World Wildlife Day.

World Wildlife Day, observed annually, with this year’s theme ” It’s time to get serious about wildlife crime,” was proclaimed in December 2013 by the UN General Assembly for March 3, the day of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an international agreement between governments of 176 member states.

Mutharika noted that reports show that wildlife crime is the largest direct threat to many of the world’s threatened species, such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, among others.

“In Malawi alone, experts say the elephant population has drastically declined from 4,000 in the 1980s to 2,000 as we speak, while Kasungu National Park is on the verge of having its elephant population of 2,000 in the 1980s completely wiped out.  It is, therefore, not surprising, that the forecast is that if the current trends continues, Africa should expect to have no elephants in the wild by the year 2025,” he said.

Mutharika said this is amidst reports that other African nations have completely lost their elephant populations.

He said, “I want to assure Malawians, that my Government will ensure that this does not happen to Malawi.  I strongly support this year’s theme: “Time to get serious with wildlife crime”, a theme befitting Malawi as it is becoming evidently clear that wildlife crime is escalating in the country, as such, there is urgent need for action to address these criminal acts.”

Mutharika said wildlife crime is not just a conservation issue; rather it is a security, economic, as well as community livelihood issue.

The Malawi leader added that government has singled out tourism as one of economic growth sectors and that it should, therefore, be clear in everyone’s mind that wildlife crime poses a very big threat to tourism development in this country.

Brighton Kumchedwa, Director of Parks & Wildlife said while they have achieved results in combating illegal ivory trade, government still has work to do.

“Whilst some tremendous results in the last year, wildlife conservation is heading towards a crisis that requires collaboration, grit and determination. The fight has only just begun.” said Kumchedwa.

The government postponed its plan to torch ivory stockpile worth $7.5 million . Government spokesperson, Kondwani Nakhumwa said government has been advised that another 2.6 tonnes of ivory is still in the system as exhibits are awaiting conclusion in courts.

Meanwhile,  Nankhumwa disclosed that Presidet Mutharika directed the Minister of Finance to release the funds for game rangers’ field allowance arrears.

He said game rangers living in national parks, game reserves and all protected areas have now received about 75 per cent of their field allowance arrears.

“The major challenge in  the ministry is poaching, each and every day we are losing animals in our protected areas due to poaching,” lamented Nankhumwa.

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Boyd Lucky Mogha

Dont burn the ivory but rather find the markets in japan or china and use the money obtained to buy maize and medicine for malawians.

billy wonjoya

nyanga zimenezo mungofuna mugulurise muthyolere ndalama thumba koma azisogoleri kumbukilani kuti tinakusakhani ndife


So when then are we going to get serious on infanticide and mathanyula crimes committed through the legalisation or decriminalisation of abortion and sodomy respectively?


Good development such non renewable resources needs concerted efforts to conserve. Those that can recall will agree on the dwindling of wildlife resources in their villages. In the early 90s, a hare, a buck, an impala, bushpigs etc were not rare sights.

Comment: Kuocha Minyanga ya njobvu yokwana usd 7.5? Masewela amenewo. Komanso apm ati isaotchedwe? Akufuna agulitse athyolere muthumba. 3 billion alinayo anapanga declare ikuchepa? Pakhale komiti yoyendetsa zogulisa minyangayo kuti ndalamazo zigulire mankhwala mu Zipatala za boma. Anthu angopasidwa asprin kapena panadol mankhwala ndi zipangizo mulibe nu zipatala za boma. Tikanena zofunda muzipatala mulibe. Kaya ndi abambo akawagoneka ku chipatala kuwafundisa chitenje cha akazi awo. Chrorine adasiya kale kale kukolopela mu zipinda za zipatala. Ku Zimbuzi sungaloweko ndi kulowako komwe. Galamukani a apm muyetse kupita kuzipatala popanda appointment mukaone. Mukapanga appointment kuti mukukayendela chipatala a health amakonza bwino kwambiri kukupakani… Read more »

Comment Game Ranger in all protected areas need to be mortivated not with peanuts are recieving of MK10000 for 15 nights and other asigned duties let me clear that means one should go for 15 nights and u recieved MK10000 so dont burn IVORY sale them inorder and send the money DNPW and also try to promote hardworker who are producing best results rather than promoting DEPARTMENT POATCHERS or THIEVES or ur RELATIVES sorry dont kill the DNPW like this

Adam nyangulu

Let the law take place God will help us

Adam nyangulu

Let the law take place

Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

a DPP, tayatsani anonymous fire like you usually do while you smuggle the ivory.

mtima wa nyani

nde mmati mutenthe musanaone ngati pali malamulo????? zongovera kwa mwa anzanu? wina akagulitsabetu. so ngati zina zili mmilandu mmalalikilanji kuti mutenthe.

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