Malawi VP Chilima rules of job cuts in civil service

Vice president Saulos Chilima has ruled out retrenching civil servants following the IMF observation that the government size is bloated.

Chilima: Reforms needs political wills

Chilima: No retrenchment but recruitment on hold

Speaking in a radio interview on Sunday, Chilima admitted the government is oversized and bloated.

“But the solution is not downsizing it because this would contribute to the high unemployment rate,” he said.

Chilima said the government officials have agreed not to employ more civil servants inorder to check the size of the civil service.

The IMF says the civil service is bloated and it is a drain on public purse because of the bloated wage bill which they say will force the economy to fall completely if unchecked.

The Civil Servants Trade Union officials say 45 per cent of the people in government are on non established positions, people who work as public officers appointed by the president.

The veep however urged both the private sector and the government to employ people on merit.

“We should not employ people just because we go with them to the same church or they are neighbours or because we come from the same village. We need to employ professional people on merit,” he said.

Chilima was also upbeat that the reforms he is championing are working to the best of the country.

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be humane

some info not right. 45% of the people in government are presidential appointments? what a clear lie just take the number of teachers and achipatala and compare to the total population in civil service. A Malawi tiyeni tiphunzire kupereka uthenga owona. Nyasa ngati mumalephera analysing the issues and report on correct lines, ndiye mumalimbikira access to information mudzanena zoona inu? This is misinforming the nation. Anzanga before commenting read the articles across the lines and think before you comment otherwise Nyasa makes foolish of us


Who did the research that civil service is bloated? This is complete nonsense. Government resources are depleted by the politicians and I can testify that the civil service has several gaps to be filled. The other problem is duplication of positions whilst there are already vacant posts in other ministry’s that need to be filled. Tell your boss, wopanda manu mkamwa yo ndi amene point people because ndachibale ake, appeasing them to Capital Hill for no apparent reason….makamaka ku information and education

Fisi Dausi

Wapakaliyala uyu angathandize kukweza dziko lathu. He talks sense all the time. I hope you take over sooner Chilima!


Dr Chilima, when did you realize that government is oversized. Why did you wait until IMF picked it and yet recently we have appointments by your government. Apparently, you know that some people were employed not on merit and are not performing ,yet you are prepared to keep them for the next thirty years.

Where is your integrity, sir?

The Malawi civil service is not to big as it is only 1.2 % of the total population. The wage bill might be big not because is wages but other things. Recently govt carried out a head count unfortunately the report is not out. Mr Mkondiwa and his PSs must help identify ways in which govt can reign in unnecessary expenditure. As for Chilima he is the biggest joker. He started by telling the nation that there were 96 PSs which was a lie. Foolish as they are our dull journalists bought the lie. Chilima told the country that no… Read more »

Bodza limenero inu Ochilima,mwayamba ndinu kuganiza zimenezo? Ingovomelezani kulephela basi osati kunama, titayeni tiyeseni zichitika liti zimenezo?

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