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You were given a chance for two years to prove that you can do something for Malawians. Malawians thought you are just a bunch of rascals that’s why they booted you out. Its unfortunate that Mr Mussa is still dreaming of going back into govt. Why cant you just think of boarding the MCP wagon as advised by Amayi?

It really baffles me that there are some Malawians who still blame PP for the serious economic problems the majority of ordinary Malawians are facing two years after Peter Mutharika and DPP started ruling the country. The truth is that it is Peter Mutharika who is failing. Peter Mutharika promised Malawians that he is going to fix the economy. Yet two years later the Kwacha fell to K700 to 1US Dollar from K450 in May 2014, inflation is at 24% from 16% in May 2014 and interest rates are over 40% from under 30% in May 2014. Donors have not… Read more »

Uladi primary school teacher what can you tell us,


kkk,PP is only for the way to get back to the governing platform. To be candid there completely nothing they can bring to the nation. After all no government in our generation will bring peace and joy people expect. Their priority is to get lions share when they get the chance. Hence i dont see the reason why we should trust any these politicians

Imraan Sadick

Uladi ukamanva wasting time ndizimene ukuchita apazi, ngati pa Malawi pano panakhalako clueless government ndiye inali Pipiiiiiiiiii yanyamuka waku Joni wosabwelaranso


Ambuje che Change Goal, zimenezo ndiye za fodya wa ku KK. Pamene APM adatseka chitseko kwa atambwali ngati inu ongoyenda-yenda muzipani, mwasowa nkhani. Inu m’mene mukasolola ndalama za boma mumaganidzira za chuma za dziko lino? Kumawerengako m’mene chuma cha dziko chimayendera ena akasololako!

Mapazi alekana

If this is amateur leadership then I don’t know what Uladi and his PP can bring!! Ichi ndi chipani chimene chinapatsa anthu zingwe za ng’ombe zomwe ng’ombe zake sizinabwerebe. This is the party which encouraged kutakata at the expense of the poor masses. Uladi you better be quiet otherwise don’t even dream of going back into government. You were a bunch of clueless leaders no wonder you were kicked out mercilessly. Have you ever wondered why Mpinganjira and Mia left? Where is Stambuli,Maulidi,Gwengwe and others? Uladi you won’t stand the heat,isiye PP idutse ulendo wosabwereranso… Pipiiiiiiiii… Yanyamuka

MMalawi weniweni

We are suffering becaise of PP amene amagawana ndalama zaboma ngati masuku pano ena anathawa sakubweranso.


Economics imeneyi ndiye itinso Uladi! Kkkkkkkk!