Malawians urge APM to spike intelligence report on ‘regime change’

Malawians have taken up on social media to urge President Peter Mutharika to spike an intelligence report that complicates leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera in demands for the Head of State to resign.

Dausi:  NIB report condemned

Dausi: NIB report condemned

The National Intelligence Bureau, in a report presented to Mutharika says Chakwera is allegedly orchestrating moves by civil society groups to force the President resign from the top most job of the land.

However, Malawians have described operations of NIB as archaic, saying they are no longer different from the operations of the now disbanded Police Special Branch which were targetting those with dissenting views against the government.

“Mr [Nichola] Dausi should know that we are no longer in one party state where he was an intelligence officer in the Malawi Young Pioneers. We are in multiparty system of government and the opposition is not the enemy of government but rather a government in waiting,” reads one comment on social media.

An entry wonders if NIB officers have the capacity to gather and critically analyse intelligence data, saying most of them are not qualified for the job as they are just picked for the job as long as they are connected to some government top officials.

Another Malawian says NIB has failed Malawians because it fails to pick crime intelligence that can help police prevent or combat crime.

Dausi could not be reached for comment but he has declined to comment on intelligence issues in the past, saying they are sensitive and are national security matters that cannot be discussed in public.

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Dzuka Malawi dzuka! Y are still believing in this Dausi abale inu?

Symon Tukapote

Ndi intelligence yo.Just a waste of time and tax payers money bankrolling people like dull spy Dausi who thrive on lies for their own survival.They think they will silence Mcp because of these cheap propaganda.If Pitala is not careful,his dull Dausi boy is indirectly decampagning him and next thing you will see him akupolisha za Chakwera ali pulezidenti.Dausi is just a confusionist.Nothing good can come out of his head.His head is just a decoration on his shoulder.

Optic Computer

Ndi aswiswiri omwe anatha mDPP

Optic Computer

The subject of every DDP rally was Chakwera, now they have slowed down on mud-sliding rallies Chakwera wants to overthrow the president. Plans to divert attention from poverty have dried up.


A malawi, we talk too much, but no action. Look at students in south africa. We can remove this fucking govt if we want. That’s why we are called NATO no action, talk only. We can remove this president if we want, talk only won’t help. How can we be ruled by a lomwe who scored only 33%?? Guys, let’s wKe up


Peter should tolarate criticism so too should I Chakwera do. dont worry thats criticism at its best


pafuka utsi pali moto. you are all true guys.


Mboga Matoga. this is a good point. Mutharika shud send soldiers there not these NIB guys. they are very dull.

The story of Chakwera being implicated without Nyasa times publishing evidence to state that it is untrue remains a hearsay for now. Treated us such, no sane person can loose control of his/ her emotions based on this baseless hearsay aimed at confusing peoples minds and mainly MCP diehards who still believe that they were robbed of election victory. Baseless! Only headless chickens can waste their energies in making these noises. APM therefore can not waste his time to spike the report which for now is just media frenzy. If the report is there and busy being studied and evidence… Read more »
VW - Gate

Because of zochita za anthu awiriwa: Dausi and Mbendera I can foresee kuti zionetsero zomwe zichitike zikhala zoopsya ndi za mphamvu ngati hurricane Patricia. Get ready bwana Dausi and court chairman Mbendera.

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