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ismael c

But the New Command of MDF onse are older than a Maulana. Supuni and Nanangale are already 59, Nundwe is over 60 hahahaha, tiona.

Mike CM
Sad that the whole Citizen #1 thought / advised that a professional like Maulana should head a section which befit a Police Sergeant. Although I agree that he is under no obligation to explain the reasons, Chambe and the group should wake up to realise that we are not in Stone Age, but in Digital or Information Age which is a building block for Globalisation. MDF as a respectable Govt Institution, no way can someone with all sane senses see nothing wrong with the Firing-and-Silence. Looking / Reading the comments since last weekend, (Yes Iam curious because I am a… Read more »
Caiphas Nyirenda

A lot of these do-called analysts have no idea how Governments work. Ask how many Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff that Barack Obama changed? Kodi zitakhala kuti Maulana waphula ma scandal osayenera mumafuna APM achite kuima pa chulu nkumamuyalutsa. A Dulani ndi anzanu mumapanga democracy ya m’book. Maulana uyu anali horror. Kodi ku Chanco mumaphunzira za Security. Why do you want to comment on things you dont even know? Shame on you!!!


This is not a demotion, he has been considered at least he will get his daily bread for his kids and wife. He did not apply to be Army Commander, he has been fired the same way he came. Enjoy life ndiye maudindo akulu akulu amenewo sulimbapo munthu.


Why should the President explain for demoting Maulana (as you put it) as if he explained when he appointed him? There are a lot reasons of which some might be highly classified for the public to know. He must just thank God that at least his salary is intact with all benefits. What more does one need?

Good People

every thing happens with a purpose so there is no need to worry about. He was employed by the government and the same government has thought it wise to lay him off. The good thing he has been assigned to another government machinery. Every dog has its day. everyone will face thing in life.


This Army Commander had now welfare of soldiers and he was risky to national security. soldiers were becoming more frustrating as each day passed by. Nyasatimes dig deep on peace keeping allowances for soldiers who went to DRC. you will appreciate the move made by the president. do not just criticize without background information.


So embarassing and dangerous such that he may be tempted to take over govt

Stupid MPs

Humkiliating demotion? hahahahahaha news writers kukomeza nkhani hihihihihihihihihihihih ikome?Stupid