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kodi mwati chipani kapena bungwe
ine ndidanena kaletu chitangoyamba kumene muja kuti ichi sichipani koma bungwe ndiponso ija ya jb foundation ija yakula!!!!!!!!!
bungwe ya peoples party ndiyaing’ono poyelekeza ndi ndi joyce banda foundation


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wakumm'awa mariol

This big headed man can’t win against the developmental icon PHISO.Kayambeni using’anga ungakukhaleni madala. DPP WOYEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Rodney Simfukwe

PP is not a party at all thats why it lost the national election, munamverapo BOMA loosing.

Kizito Kanunu

@islamic state leader- you are a lair you dont know how ken msonda writes.
His sentences are not like number 5. Mwagwanayo baba.

Mussa Moyenda
kennedy Msonda is a party spokesperson, he speak on behalf of the party. It is very surprising that others would want to attack Musonda as if it is a personal issue. We pp members are happy with the way Musonda is responding on matters concerning our party and its leadership. It is the responsibility of the party’s spokesperson to defend the party and its leadership. Where on earth have you seen a Secretary General of a party taking to court his party and it’s president? Musonda is right Maulidi’s is a confused, disgruntled, desperate person! Bravol Ken keep it up… Read more »

A Paul Maulidi kupusa kukha dovu. Ndichifukwa chake mkazi wanu Mary Maulidi anakuthawani ukwati kupita kwa Elvis Thodi ku Immigration kuja eti??? Ndinali wodabwa…..


I dont think this z a judicial review matter. Is JB a public body such that her decisions can b reviewed by the courts?

rodgers banda
Even if he can call a hundred satans Maulidi cant win. PP is a party not a person. All democratic parties run mojority rule. Mr Maulidi if you want to stand just register as independent candidate. If you dont listen to the party, and listen to your voice only then you are rebelious. This is not suppossed to be a court case but should have been solved in the executive core of your party. It is true that PP was filled with cunning, greedy, erogant and money mongering people who pulled the party down. Who dished you with rotten lies,… Read more »
Islamic state leader

Number 5, Wonder you are likely to be Ken Msonda according to wording of your sentences. Dont fight Maulidi. Maulidi is a big man and he will win the elections . If PP disappointed to that extent then why dont PP ask its MPs who are in parliament to resign. Thus the effects malijuana and satanism mama JB.

kambewa jere

koma mulimba mppaka 2019