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He has nothing to offer. That is the result if you serve two masters.You cant be the servant of political groupings and human rights groupings as well. No mboshombosho no! Thus why he has been caught in between.


Then he should come out clearly and give us the reasons why he has done that, otherwise we are not sure of him


I met Mayaya yesterday. From the explanation and documents he showed me, I feel sorry that as malawians we rush to express our anger before getting an answer from the person being judged without given chance to be heard. Am convinced the man knows what he is doing. He is not bought nor a fool. Just wait

Ishmael Makwinja

waopa kuphedwa mayaya. Wachita bwino iwe. Phukusi lamoyo umasungitsa?. ayi taa, uli ndi ana komanso nkazi. Anthu mngakupha awa!!!!.

Keen Observer

This gentleman simply wants to sow seeds of confusion.

ale mlomwe

ndimakuuzani kut plz dont take mayaya seriously he z a frastrated man…ndiye pano wakwera yokuphwa matayala bola hule uja Jb amakutolesa koma ya Lazaro waumphawi wakwerayo unya nayo manyi…uziona


Defenders of human rights in Malawi.


He started this pandemonium to fool the Malawians without knowing the legal consequences. Even the stupid Speaker has been exposed by this idiot who has no Paliamentary mandate! What a Speaker!


I was so surprised with the speed at which Mayaya was accusing the government and its leader. As if it was personal issue. So Mayaya wanted to be taken care of by Dr Mathanyula.For sure Mathanyula has done it. First Mayaya closed his mouth for the past two weeks. Now this is what we are hearing. No questions many heads of CSOs wil go into total jibernation, after all account number one is full and accessible after passing the budget. Machende a mako Billy Mayaya ndipo sikono imeneyo ikatha usatisokeselenso ayi.


Why do u malawians in e name of civil society do you want to fool anthu. When you initiate a fight….take a wrap up.thats the formula.mr mayaya has been ingested with a ban. We are now wearing off the infallibe trust we harboured for you