MCP calls for electoral law amendment: ‘50 + 1 law to elect Malawi President’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)president Lazarus Chakwera has asked the government to speed up electoral law amendments that should include changing the current way of electing a Head of State from the current first-past-the-post and adopt a 50 per cent plus one law to ensure that the winner of presidential elections enjoyed majority support.

Chakwera: Advocates for universal legitimacy

Chakwera: Advocates for universal legitimacy

Where in a general election there is no candidate  who gather 50 percent, there should be a run off for the top two candidates to determine the winner.

He said the new law will ensure that Malawi no longer is ruled by “a President rules with few votes” but rather a leader who has “universal support”.

Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition in parliament, said there was also need to extend time limit when elections results are to be announced, saying they should be announced after all queries have been attended to.

“The Malawi Electoral Commission should announce the results from constiruencies in the presence of both local and international observers,” said Chakwera.

He said these electoral reforms are a matter of urgency and warned if the government fails to table them, the MCP would bring the bill through the private member’s bill.

Chakwera said if election were held today, the DPP would be kicked out of government but said there was need to put in place electoral laws that would bring credibility to the poll result.

Malawi’s interfaith organization, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) have recognised that 50 per cent plus one rule guarantees the leader acceptable, popular, majoritarian mandate.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader Peter Mutharika was declared the winner of Malawi’s May 20, 2014 presidential election after defeating Joyce Banda.

Mutharika, the brother of former president Bingu wa Mutharika, took 36.4 percent of the votes cast, Lazarus Chakwera of MCP garnered 27.8 percent of the vote and Banda’s 20.2 percent.

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Independent Diplomat

Kkkkkkkkkk When will this reverend stop playing a cry baby ??

yako ija

But the president is still the last person to assent a bill into law!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkk

Its better to understand things before comenting, en dont just coment on political lines! What Chakwera said is what is needed to be done as soon as possible becoz what we have is a minority government {36.4%} supressing thd majority {63.4%} The 50 + 1% vote will help political parties to form alliances with good MoU and that will help to share the developments equally to all the regions, we have many stupit people comenting nosense, if you are paid for those shit coments, you are destructing the country, becoz every normal person knws that things are out of hand… Read more »

I believe that 50 +1 electoral law will force political parties to focus on national issues than regional ones AND campaign beyond their current bases. No party can win elections by focussing on their political bases. Secondly issues of tribalism may be reduced or eliminated.


And you believe you can get 50 +1 % votes, day dreaming Reverend, go back God is still calling you to attend to his people through preaching osati munthu waulemu ngati iwe anthu akayamba kukutukwana, kodi ukuyesa ndale ndi zinthu, Ask Baba Tembo he will tell you in black and white

Indeed that’s a more fair approach than the current set up. But as long as Malawians’ appetite for Presidency remains the same this will never be met. Imagine fielding up to 12 presidential candidates – such a small country??. Then how do you expect a 50 + 1% to be met??. At least trim the number of final Presidential candidates to 3 even just 2. Otherwise we will be having Presidential elections every 90 days until the coming of Jesus – Nanji mtundu wathuwu wosowa mzimu wololerana. Ngati zikumakanika ngakhale azibusa mmipingomu. Inuyo bwa mzimu wakumwamabawu wololeranawu muli nawo? Muyambe… Read more »
Hyten Zuze

kukhonza kumayambira 50 kumapita mtsogolo so why somebody crowned winner with 36 percent. Bola maganizo a Chakwerawa.

Captain Mediocrity
Another day, another chance to witness the ignorance that is am the typical malawian, on the best platform to show stupidity anonymously….cry thy beloved country. I wonder if any of you have stopped to think what such a system would do for those in the drivers seat. Do we not recall bingu’s second term, in which he won by majority?? The 50 +1 might ensure support but what kind of support will those in power (WHETHER MCP, PP OR DPP) have access to, and to what ends??? This current system ensures a system of checks and balances when the majority… Read more »

This is very good system, we will vote, no question of funds, if DPP misappropriated K577bilion was that not worthy for rerun. This currently has money but our money is stolen. Don’t say where do get money that’s why donors don’t trust DPP any more because they are thieves.

Makes no difference. There would be no guarantee that MCP or DPP would win. People would sway their votes for different reasons.if you are craving for this thinking that you will win well you will be shocked that this system might not favour you at all. Again where would money come from with meager resources for elections? We can’t wait for too long to hear the results for this would be an opportunity to twist the results by the ruling party iwe mbusa! Go and ask Tembo the political fundi who knows everything in and out, he will now tell… Read more »

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