MCP officials trade barbs  with MP Jumbe on Facebook

Top members of the opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) on Thursday exchanged bitter words on Facebook following a post by Salima Central Member of Parliament  (MP) Felix Jumbe.

Jumbe: Sacked
Jumbe: Sacked from MCP

Jumbe, who was fired from MCP and is now associating with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP),  had posted that Malawi practices politics that is informed by poverty (envy) and when one rise to leadership position, then begins hedging the position against all contenders just to become life president.

Jumbe added that: “Poverty is such an evil that even leaders in the church change constitution to fit them to continue when their term of office is due.”

The parliamentarian comments didn’t go well with Chancy Mtambo and MCP MP Ezekiel Ching’oma who thought that the post is a direct attack to their leader Dr Lazarus Chakwela who was once a long time president of the Malawi Assemblies of God church.

Mtambo jumped in to suggest that people have been ‘trying to pull a fallen friend from the ground! But when someone fails to discipline his ego in defeat, it becomes their undoing.’

“From the post you  can see bruised ego being disguised as love for the nation! The truth is, bwanawa amanyoza kwambiri….even before it reached this point, each time I met him and discussed.politics it was usually name calling of his own leader! I laugh when he talks about envy, for to me, he is sick with envy,” remarked Mtambo in an attack to Jumbe.

However, Jumbe hit back saying the level of discussion of the topoc is beyond Mtambo’s  comprehension adding that “It’s not personal and I have told you before do not spoil a discussion at conceptual level by bringing it down to your level. Let us accept you can not be what you have not been.

“Talking of levels, yes we are not at the same level politically indeed! I see one immature politician! Wabefu if am to borrow the late Chihana,” said Mtambo after which Jumbe responded by saying that he is more on economic development path .

“This is economic talk and politics that does not deliver economic prosperity, is not sustainable,” he added.

However, Ching’oma had his wrath when he seemed to be siding with the pro-Chakwera team with Jumbe saying that he wants to portray rules of natural justice.

‘I think again reflect what you have done yourself going to my constituency with Hon. Chimwendo Banda to organise rebellion against me is that natural justice?’

“In my post, I mentioned the church because recently we had issues of third term in Livingstonia synod and never intended to reflect on Chakwera in anyway by intention but them maybe a coincidence people were reflecting on,” he said.

But Ching’oma reacted: “Hon Felix Jumbe , you know it is not true that anyone who answers to my name has been to your constituency lately, minus the time I came with colleagues to do your primaries. I haven’t been active politically lately, due to academic pressure. I don’t hold any grudge against you as you portray in some quarters….am I not one of the guys who warmly welcomed you into the mainstream politics.”

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Cash Gate
5 years ago

Inu A DPP Jumbeyo Amafuna U Presdent, Ayamba Kulimbana Ndi Munthalika Kuti Alande Mpandowo

5 years ago

Self centered and conceited Malawi politicians. Typical. To them, politics at any level, is only power and prestige, enabling them to walk with mdidi (with shoulders straight and head up). To be be noticed. That is what is most important to them. And, ohhh, I forgot: from day one, they want to learn and game the system – ie. steal. Or get “business” connections with the regime in power. Never think of conflicts of interest, because the laws against it have no teeth at all. Noticed how none of these MPs never seriously mention promoting a higher level of living… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Mwananyanian

Tiye nazoni – ife tilipo kungopenya basi. Tilibe mau

5 years ago

Hon. Jumble has reached the dead end of his political career. You can not separate economic power from political power n vice versa. It’s only those with political power/connection that have the economic power in Malawi. Minus one the other gets off balance. So tread carefully with DPP. They will dump u the moment u lose that seat n become so politically wasted. Talk less n think more about the political path u v chosen.

5 years ago

Dishonourable power hungry members quarrelling over useless stuff instead of discussing development issues! We want you to brag about what you have done in your constituencies to help reduce poverty levels!

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