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MCP presidential challenger Kenneth Bwanali calls Chakwera to resign over MPs payout: ‘Pave way for ACB probe’

Kenneth Bwanali, who has expressed interest to contest against  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera for the top seat during the forthcoming convention, has challenged ythe party president  to resign for being part and parcel on the initial decision to share  K4 billion development fund among all legislators when it originates from ‘budget by-pass’.

Bwanali: Chakwera should also resign

Bwanali says he wants the opposition leader, Chakwera to resign with immediate effect from his position as MCP president because he has failed in his duties to provide checks and balances to the governing Democrtaic Progressive Party (DPP) and demands the country’s graft bustling body, Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate the matter.

“At first, MCP described the vote as illegal. But all of a suddenly changed tune and agreed to be party to the loot by accepting to take share in it. This is unacceptable. We don’t want chameleon politicians who have no morals but change anytime they see or smell money,” said Bwanali.

“I call upon Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau to fully investigate about the source of the K4.7 Billion that DPP and MCP wanted to share. Malawians must know where that money came from. I also want, as a matter of principle, Chakwera to resign as MCP president for failing to take DPP to task,” added Bwanali.

Bwanali further said the ACB must investigate how after suspension of business the parliamentary business committee agreed to share the money equally and how the opposition members including Chakwera and his stooges became silent over the matter.

“Chakwera and his stooges only came out to condemn the process but not the proceeds. They came out only after a public outcry over the matter but behind closed doors they had agreed to take a share from the loot. The thief and the one that receives stolen goods are both liable for criminality,” said Bwanali.

Bwanali challenged Chakwera to explain to Malawians why MCP decided in the first place to be part of the DPP scheme saying he must step down from his position for putting the party in an awkward situation.

Said Bwanali: “If a driver is failing to drive the car , the best way is that we handover the car to fresh driver , on this one Chakwera has demonstrated that he has failed to drive the party to the right direction, by allowing himself to be associated with stolen money.”

‘Born MCP, will die MCP’

MCP has been accusing Bwanali as someone who is being paid by DPP to play mercenary politics. He denies the claims.

Bwanali said as MCP shadow president, he cannot just let people destroy the party anyhow and expect that dented party to take over Government in 2019.

He  blatantly condemned Chakwera for his failure to give policy direction in ensuring that he can be a good leader.

“I will give you one example, MCP structures including the MCP Headquarters are dilapidated, and yet he seem not to be bothered because he is only interested in enriching himself and not concerned in the welfare of the party,” he said.

“Chakwera cannot be trusted, he want to run MCP as a church and he is a dictator. He should go before it is too late or else MCP will forever remain an opposition party in Malawi because it cannot offer any alternatives to the people of Malawi. I will take MCP to the ‘Promised Land’ and make it the mighty that it needs to be.” added Bwanali.

Bwanali has also accused Chakwera for taking party gifts as his.

“We are reliably informed that some well-wishers have donated some vehicles to the party two Range Rovers and One Prado. We were expecting that the assets would have been registered in party name not as personal assets, these asserts would have numbers like MCP 1, MCP 2, MCP 3 something like that,” disclosed Bwanali.

Pressed on whether Bwanali has been sent to bring confusion and unrest to MCP, Bwanali emphatically denied the allegations as untrue saying he is a bonafied and loyal MCP member who has served the party all his life.

“I was born MCP and will die MCP. I have never belonged to any other political parties and will never switch to any party. My heart and soul belongs to MCP and so I am prepared to do anything, even if it means, shedding my blood, but I will fight for the good of my beloved party MCP.” said Bwanali.

Asked to comment on the call for Chakwera to resign, the party’s deputy secretary general Einsenhower Mkaka said he could not comment on someone who is not in the rank and file of MCP, saying “Bwanali who?”

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