MCP primaries embroiled in bloody violence again

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) search for its parliamentary candidate in Dedza central east ended abruptly as the poll team which went there to conduct the elections run  for its life following political violence.

Onani won his primaries clean but there was chaos in Dedza central east

Ishmael Ndaila Onani who conducted the primary polls and his team were forced to flee the place before announcing the results because the losing candidate Hannock Naliti, who got 102 votes disputed the victory of Bonnex Malunga.

Malunga got 202 votes whilst the third in the primary poll results got 61 votes.

At least eight candidates battled for the MCP primary elections in Dedza central east constituency.

Onani said the violence was perpetrated by the Naliti camp.

“They did not want to accept the results so they unleashed the violence so that we could not announce the results and indeed we had to run away,” said Onani.

Reports indicate that Malunga’s car windscreen was smashed in the process.

Both Malunga and Naliti are declaring victory in the party primary elections.

Naliti says the party has favoured Malunga while Malunga says Naliti is refusing to accept the defeat poll result.



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Why dont you print ballot papers so that members can just vote silently. From 1994 to 2018, wer are stills using selection/election methodologies introduced by our colonial masters. Please MCP and other paties de-colonise you minds please

Nox Nthambi

MCP are you a changed party or just want to hoodwink voters. I am beginning to doubt that you are changed MCP. Ngati mukumenyana nokhanokha ndiye ife mudzatiphatu. My vote is for SKC basi

Mwana Pumbwa ndi Pumbwa amene

MCP is hot cake losers will join SKC yo…..but those who want real change go for quality party MCP….

Patrick Phiri

That’s the MCP I know


Malawi Crocodile Party – MCP


Umbava Tinayamba Mbuyomu, UTM…

Chakwera hope for Malawi…

Sheriff Asedi

Ishmael (Mpatsa) Onani.

Mike Tembwe

Now, this is nonsense. Violence like this has no place in democracy. Leaders have to learn to respect the will of the people. You do not have beat someone for not believing in you. That’s not how it works. Let’s avoid this at all cost. To other parties, they have to watch out. This is bound to happen in their parties too more especially in Districts/constituencies where they are very strong. Malawians, we are one. We don’t have to fight each other just because we have different preferences when it comes to who should lead us. Our Police should investigate… Read more »


We cant avoid this fighting thing as long as there is biasness during election process. But let us respect the will of the people in the constituency. Please MCP is now a changed party and the way you should be conducting primariues should also reflect a change.