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New Mcp is the future for our country. These dpp thugs will take the country to oblivion.


Our mighty MCP we love this party and will die for the party. Fotseke mbava inu a Dead Peoples Party. Nduna 7 zakuba kumango zisungabe. Nonse mbava. Tiona alhomwe azavote nkuwina.


kumasapota DPP panopa ndikupusa kwabasi moti simukuona mmene tikuvutikilamu? Ndimakwiyananutu.

The Patriot

Karonga people have never been misled by any party, they are a tough nut to crack. MCP stands a better chance than DPP in Karonga , just like DPP has a better chance in the Lhomwe belt than any other political party!
Opposition leaders should push for the 50% + 1 system, this will enable all Malawians to have a say in the elextion of our leaders. A leader chosen by 36% of the electorate means that 64% of Malawians rejected him!

Petre Mathanyula.

A MBC mulikuti? Why didn’t you informed the nation that this tycoon has joined the Mighty MCP? Had it been he joined Dead Peoples Party (DPP) you would have made the noise throughout the whole week. MBC destroying the nation.



Racist McTumbukaFace

Ah! Now when I find a broken down Interline bus on the road I will connect it to a face. Those buses are always break down. Get on an them at your own peril!

chimzimu Chonyasa

M/S Racist, focus on the political impact of his joining and not his business. In fact the buses that do not have such problems may be running on stolen money! The state of his buses only reflects how Malawi has been plundered by the cash gate masters from 2005 to 2014 some of whom are trying all they can to avoid facing the law.


@ Racist…………..Bodza ilo bobza ilo!!!

Inu yanu ili kuti nanunso inu!! Sincerely I for one boarded one of his new buses from LL to BT just last Wednesday and I had a wonderful and unforgettable travel. Sikuti mumuchite “Chasowa” chifukwa walowa MCP……………………..!! Anthu oiipa inu……………!! Ntchito kuba, kuba, kuba, kuba, kuba……………………basi!!