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True Malawian

Good people, this is total madness, with this decision by Ansah, am not sure if this lady will handle 2019 elections fairly. This issue of ‘re-run and not by_election is straightforward…it doesn’t need some constitutional interpretation. The judge in delivering the verdict used the word ‘re-run and not by-election

Mai Jane Ansah in the first place I personally followed you strategising for a sound leadership at MEC to correct the mess and shane POLITICAL interferance by the ruling party.Basi mwayamba kale ufooka.Kodi azimai akakupatsani maudindo a pamwamba talakwaso? You want to mess up MEC leadership as Joyce Banda did and fled the country? what a shame ! . It is common knowledge Msungama/ Namasasu issue is clear and straight forward.But you seem to entertain political views.The Supreme Court Ruled a re-run for two hot contenders.Why do you want to complicate the issue.You are telling the nation that you consulted… Read more »
Kodi mumafuna aphwanye malamulo kukwanilitsa zofuna zanu? This just shows that the MCP is not reformed. This is a sign that if they go back into government they will not fall the rule of law. What Jane Ansah is saying is that a re-run is not possible because there is no law that allows her to conduct a re-run. Why are you afraid of a by-election if you think you are strong in that constituency? And to think that you want only the DPP and MCP candidates to run is laughable. Those that contested as independents and from other parties… Read more »

The supreme court ruled a RE-,,RUN not BY-ELECTION..We believe that courts are castodian of constitution.The bone of contention is that MEC wants by -elecrion against the re-run ruled by MEC.Kumavetsetsa zithunzi osati kumakomenta chifukwa cha udani kapena usapota opandana nzeru.

I think MEC deliberately wants to confuse this Msungama / Namasasu issue. To me I do not see anything complicated except and only if they know that the DPP Namasasu does NOT stand any chance of winning in normal circumstances. Without deliberately confusing the meaning of the Laws, I would say Msungama and Namasaus are ALL alive, the Registers they used are intact at MEC offices ( Unless if they burnt them as well), The Registered Voters are alive as well. Then let Msungama and Namasasu compete. Why bring in new candidates and new voters? To me this is rigging… Read more »

Out dated lawyers, mutiwonongera dziko inu.