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A hunter is not a soldier

Ati muwapangire airport kuti azikatambapo.

You are dealing with Ngonis (abeNguni) and not Tumbukas. Not everyone from the North is Tumbuka. Tumbukas too are human beings and deserve their respect, like Tongas, Nyakyusas, Ndalis, Ngondes, etc. But if you are speaking of the Mzimba Kingdom, you are dealing with the Ngonis, who have links to the Maseko Ngonis of Ntcheu, Dedza, Neno and other places. The Ngonis of Nchisi/Dowa are the Zwangendaba Ngonis like their brothers and sisters in Mzimba. They are linked to Zulu Gama Ngonis in Songeya, Tanzania, and Mpezeni Ngonis in Chipata, Zambia. The simplistic and regionalistic view of calling every Northerner… Read more »
Ba Chatola

Well done inkosi. Please don’t get used by politicians. I hope your team will help you and I trust in your judgement. Please forge cultural ties with Ngonis and other ethnic groups. Together we can develop Mzimba!

Hoza John

Phambeli Mzimba. Madoda, womama, majaha na zi nthombi. Imphoto inhlere kakhulu.


Mupange vya mahara apa kuchita ngati wambula zeru tivikhumbenge yayi. Ise takhumba tiwe patekha nawe usankhe icho kukhumba


Love them or hate them, our brethren from the north are better organized than the rest of us. If tangoti phwiii kusowa chochita

Isaac Cheke Ziba

Good show Inkosi. Please utilise the team to the full, they will be a strong “developmental” pillar for you. Very good team you have put in place.


My plea:

Please look after yourself, Inkosi. Diet is key. As is exercise. Red meat is not good for you. ignore those who claim that this is part of your culture or tradition.

God keep and bless you Inkosi.

Paul Zauzau

All the best Mkhosi…now our chief…God bless you


Where are animal rights activists? These animal skins! Is this not a threat to biodiversity? .