MP Bisnowaty fumes at Lilongwe City services delivery, calls for forensic audit

Lilongwe City Centre parliamentarian David Bisnowaty has decried the deplorable manner in the way Lilongwe City Council (LCC) delivers its services, and has since called for a forensic audit.

Bisnowaty when he visited Area 18 market and gave cash handout to traders

He told a group of journalists who attended the launch of Area 18B cleaning exercise in the city that it was unfortunate that LCC could was failing to keep the city clean despite collecting revenue every day.

Bisnowaty said it was unfair for business men and women to keep on paying taxes when the city provides no traceable services in return.

He called on partners and stakeholders to assist in pushing so that a forensic audit on how resources at LCC are used to be done.

“This will help us know if there are challenges at the Council that need assistance from higher authorities such as the central government,” said Bisnowaty.

According to Bisnowaty, it does not make sense for Area 18 to have its waste uncollected for months when it is just a stone’s throw away from the civic centre.

“Where is the money going?” wondered Bisnowaty.

Bisnowaty has since given LCC a deadline to fix things at the market saying failing which he will assume that corruption is manifesting at the council.

He made a commitment that he will visit all the markets in his constituency to for clean ups.

In reaction, former LCC Deputy Mayor, Akwame Bandawe, commended Bisnowaty for the exercise.

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7 thoughts on “MP Bisnowaty fumes at Lilongwe City services delivery, calls for forensic audit”

  1. Dum Magulajena. says:

    City centre constituency (CCC) siibwereza phungu.

  2. Mkwapu says:

    Anthu a ku lilongwe kuvotera
    Mu jew
    Racist uyu

  3. our Cities are very dirty in the Sourth mostly Limbe is very dirty How can people be allowed ti sell Kawunjika inside town ..instead city people are only cheasing venders selling tomatoes, Donuts .Some city personnel are Corrupt.I call mr Kasunda to check how much money those women selling kaunjika are being charged and city only collect 100.00per each person while market chair mem collects from 15000.00 upwards per morth.anf share.please check.

  4. A BIZ says:

    This guy is finished. He talks too much and is rude. Noone is voting gor him again

  5. kagame says:

    Kwame should be the last one to comment. You were the deputy mayor, what dd you do that people can point out as remarkable? You were busy enjoying being driven in the Corolla.
    Bisnowaty as your fellow dpps what they do with the money they get from the city assemblies and then you can issue your datelines.
    Where were you during the gogo Mayor and this partytholic boy?
    There’s a lot of political interference in the city assemblies and that is the reason things are not improving.

  6. True patriot says:

    I’m surprised that even our good MP for the constituency doesn’t have an idea as to where the money LCC collects goes. Honestly, regardless of everyone’s political leaning, LCC is probably the worst managed city in the country!

    It is very unfortunate that LCC appears to play double standards in service delivery in the city. Have you wondered why there is constant refuse collection in Areas 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 43, 44 and some parts of 47? This should not be a brainer – I’m certain you know why…

    It is obviously utterly shocking to see how the stupid residents of Area 25 (I, included as I reside there) have resorted to turning the location’s streets into dump sites! This is understandably our foolishness but, perhaps, the residents have no choice – where would they throw their rubbish if the city doesn’t send rubbish collection vehicles in the area?

    And we recently elected councillors whose duty would ideally be to petition the city council on such failures, but alas, they are a complete waste of meagre resources!

    I propose that LCC should organize a one day’s trip for all its councilors to Blantyre to appreciate how Blantyre has transformed in less than three years!

    I know for sure, the problem in Lilongwe is not lack of resources but mismanagement of the available resources. This needs to be fixed first. Otherwise, we will just be complaining until our throats cry hose!

  7. Amanda says:

    We know very well amene wachotsa zinyalala at area 18B, please…please…and he’s not a politician but a business person why lying Bisnowat? This things have been there for 20years and someone has removed you go there just to sweep then pose for photos to get credit???

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