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MP Chimwendo says those who dented MCP image now in DPP: Dausi, Ntaba  

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator Richard Chimwendo Banda has charged that those who dented the image on the party in one-party dictatorship are now serving the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at ministerial and presidential advisory level.

Ntaba: Former MCP operative now DPP top ranking official

DPP through Minister of Information, Communication and ICT, Nicholous Dausi has been demonising the MCP.

Member of Parliament for Kasungu South East, Khumbize Chiponda attacked “bad ministers” who dented the MCP image but are now pretending to be good people just because they are in DPP.

And Chimwendo Banda said  MCP is a changed party as people who were  committing atrocities are now the top brass  of DPP, apparently reffering to Dausi and vice –president (centre) of DPP Hetherwick Ntaba, also presidential advisor.

“Some of those ministers are murderers but they are cheating Malawians that they are good people. MCP, under the leadership of Reverend Lazarus Chakwera, is the only party with good people,” Chimwendo Banda said.

But Dausi, who served up to the position of vice president in MCP, retorted that the party has not changed.

Commentators say DPP must come with a very clean slate to be successful in vilifying MCP.

The DPP government killed 20 innocent people during the July 21 2011 peaceful marches. The graves of these innocent souls are there for all to see at Katoto Cemetery in Mzuzu. Former Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) corporate affairs director Issa Njauju was murdered in cold blood under the DPP. The government has shown no willingness to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to book.

The late fourth year Polytechnic student Joseph Chasowa was murdered under the DPP-led government and by people said to be close to the party. While a postmortem by an independent expert has shown Chasowa was bludgeoned to death, the DPP-led government strangely to this day continues to claim that he committed suicide.

The DPP-led government has succeeded in frustrating the prosecution of those implicated in the K577 billion Cashgate—which has been reduced to K236 billion. DPP knows some of its members are implicated.

Then, there is the K1.9 billion fuel stabilization funds from the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) dubiously paid to Admarc allegedly to purchase maize. People want those who acquired tractors that government bought with a loan from the Import Export Bank of India prosecuted.

Commentators  argue that the list of atrocities the DPP has committed and continues to do so with abandon is long and that the governing party should come clean before it starts barking against MCP.


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