MP Kabwila says Nankhumwa has no integrity to lead Malawi Parliament: DPP full of scandal ‘gates’

Salima North West Member of Parliament (MP) Jessie Kabwila (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) has questioned the appointment by President Peter Mutharika of  Kondwani Nankhumwa  the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, as Leader of the House, saying he does not have the integrity required to lead parliament.

Kabwila: Acting leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa has no integrity

Nankhumwa (left): Accused of lacking moral fibre

Mutharika has replaced beset Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda with Nankhumwa, Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya, announced in the House.

Chaponda is under probe in the Zambia maize procurement saga.

Kabwila during an interview on Daybreak Malawi program monitored by Nyasa Times on Capital Radio on Thursday said replacing Chaponda is good in respect of High Court order stopping the minister from executing his duties until a probe into the Zambia maize saga is concluded

“It’s good that at least now that they have acknowledged the kind of judgement that was outside,” said Kabwila.

But she said Chaponda’s replacement, Nankhumwa is worse as he lacks moral fibre.

“Nankhumwa himself is not clean,” noted Kabwila.

She said Nankhumwa also faces allegations of wrongful self-enrichment and that whistle blowers have been tipping Anti Corruption Bureau on his alleged corruption.

Parliament, she argued, needs leadership that is integrity-based to lead legislators and that Nankhumwa does not fit the bill.

“In their benches [DPP] do they not have people who have no issues?

“When you are dealing with DPP, you are dealing with someone with maizegate, landgate; they have so many people with a lot of gates. Now we are dealing with a bicycle gates (in apparent reference to Nankhumwa). This government is full of people with issues,” said Kabwila.

She continued: “Malawians are looking for leaders of integrity.”

Kabwila said members of parliament were “very happy” that the Executive have accepted that Chaponda faces Court suspension.

“They need to be kept in check that this is Malawi and Malawians want to have a person of integrity [to be leading the House], someone who has no issues,” said Kabwila.

But she said DPP has an implosion of leadership of integrity.

“DPP do you not have someone of integrity. It would be good if parliament was led by someone who has no issues [not Nankhumwa],” she said.

But Nankhumwa also speaking during Daybreak Malawi, said: “I am humbled that His Excellency the President has trust in me and that I can deliver.

“I will work with all those who have experience in the House, will all members of parliament with wisdom. No man is an island therefore I will work with everybody in the House,” Nankhumwa said.

Kabwila insists Nankhumwa suffers from integrity issues and that would undermine his leadership of the House.

She said integrity is what Malawians are seeking from their leaders.

Straight-talking Kabwila is one of the activists who took to task the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s government under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) over academic freedom.

She thereafter became active in various causes of human rights and earned nomination for United States (US) Secretary of State International Women of Courage Award in recognition of her role in the fight for academic freedom and women’s rights.

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Mussa ndiye mbava yachabechabe.


I agree with you Jessie about lack of integrity in Nankhumwa. However, apart from Fabiano and Kasaila, who, unfortunately, is too emotional, none has integrity. Mussa is self centered; Msasa is lazy(he cannot check with ESCOM about lake levels and goes on talking rubbish about electricity generation). In fact lack of integrity goes all the way to APM. He is so scared to go to Parliament to answer questions. Koma abale Leadership ya Malawi is giving me a headache.


In many issues I always disagree with Jessey Kabwira, BUT for this one, Hon. Kabwira you are VERY right. If DPP has leaders who are with ZERO Morals, No Integrity, Corrupt, Thieves, Nankhumwa would lead the list.

Ayi, pakuti ku DPP sindimaonako anthu anthu oti awa angamatichotse manyazi. Mwina pang’ono, kuli Kumpalume, Kasaila ndikukanikatu kuonjeza pa list pa. Mussa ndiye mbava ina imene yakalamba nako kuba.


Kabwila – do you have integrity yourself?. If so how come you were kicked out from the party by your own party President (Chakwera). He saw that you are a nobody in the party and could not add value to it. Focus on MCP and not DPP. Leave DPP for DPP members only. You have a lot of issues in your party to sort out so do not waste your time talking of things that do not concern your party.

May be Malawi Politiccs don’t. value integrity.Apart from recent speculation I have heard other nasty issues about this man ranging womanising to corruption.There is one man in DPP whose integrity never heard compromised for long time he has been MP.This man can even be a state president unless someone highlighten to me some of his issues lacking integrity. This man is none than HENRY MUSSA !!!! Other DPP officials I admire are Kansaira,Msaka,Fabiano only that Kansaira is becoming more milliannt these days and Fabiaono is leading most difficulty ministry in Malawi but these things can not affect. their integrity. The… Read more »
Dum Magulajena

A peter ndi a chitsiru moti tinganene kuti ku DPP kulibiletu anthu oti sakhuzidwa ndi mchitidwe wonyasa onga uwu wama geti getiwu zonse ndi mfiti zokhazokha za dziko kkkk!


zimenezo ndiye ndale. ukuwona ngati za mpingo izi kkkkk

Mcp die hard

Nambewe Jessie. You want to fight with men. Are you married?
Kagwere uko mbuzi owe.
You were fighting against Chakwera was that integrity hule iwe?


Ndiye mwati wakamba izi ndi Jesse? Kongeresi.

Done with Chaponda now Nankhumwa!!stupid oppossition NYAU CULT!!!!Kabwera do you have that integrity you are propagating here and why do u have so much hatred against Peter & DPP? Is it bcoz u were denied positions in the 42 member cabinet which you shamelesslly proposed and forced to DPP Ma’am? the interview is full of bitterness and frustration so to say hope Peter will soon take you on board and make you Leader of the house kkkkkkk. Koma NYAU KONGELESI TAMBALA MUFWIPA MAKHADI NG’ONA PARTY kutsutsa and vomiting silly and baseless accusation. .And ndikuonanso ngati your strong Chewalized English from… Read more »

Kodi Kabwila Akunama??


Jessie is right. We have to value integrity.

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