MP Mhone says Britain to face legal action against Malawi pre-independence massacres

Ralph Mhone;  Compesation needed

Ralph Mhone; Compesation needed

Parliamentarian Ralph Mhone, a lawyer by profession, has said he is launching a legal action against Britain to compensate families of people who died during the March 3, 1959 struggle for this country’s independence.

Mhone has disclosed that British barrister, Chris Esdaile, has offered to assist in the legal action in London courts.

Esdaile who successfully represented 5 000 elderly Kenyans against Britain for the torture and abuse suffered during the Mau Mau uprising in 1950s is expected to be in Malawi next month to get finer details of the matter, Mhone said.

Mhone had asked Malawi government press for compensation from UK, its former colonial master, to thousands of Malawians who were tortured during an anti-colonial uprising late 1950s.

The People’s Party (PP) legislator for Nkhata-bay Central constituency said Malawi is likely to get the compensation as was the case in Kenya.

He said in the legal challenge, they may include Malawians who died in other districts during the same struggle, calling it “a typical human rights issue.”

Said Mhone: “It was London which sanctioned the State of Emergency that led to the massacre of these unarmed Malawians and today they cannot deny that and say it was the federation.”

But Mhone is appealing for financial support from well-wishers to help lodge the case in the high court in London which he noted is expensive.

United Kingdom (UK) High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, has has dismissed compensation claims , saying though his government is saddened by the loss of life during the struggle, the issue of compensation does not arise as London has not held any discussion with Lilongwe on the matter.

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Very true the comment above,what can a small fish do to the big ones, Mhoni what u trying to prove,u guys are been fead by the British since 1959 untill now and will still be for ever.
Try another luck my friend but not this one, U Malawian polititions just want to put this money in your pockets.

Concerned Malawian

Mbalame iyi! britain yapeleka ndalama dzingati kumalawi in form of aid kuti lero udziti compesation. The problem ndi ma lawyernu mumangofuna podyela. iweyo britain itanena kuti mubwenze ndalama since 1964 out of that adzatengeko za compesation, will u pay? galu uyu asayambitse dzinthu zopanda pake. by the way, which family member approached you on this matter, if any? ungofuna ndalamazo ndiweyo


sumtimez u jxt hv 2 let sleepin dogs lie!!!!


Ralph is right London must compasate Lilongwe as u knw hw innocent pple die @ Nkhata -Bay

I mean banda

I think UK should not compensate or be forced to compensate can only agree to compensate if it wants otherwise taking UK to international court if crimes would be too ambitious. I must say that the myp..young Democrats and pp and dpp youth killed all it more. ..we don’t want to be compensated to what happened on the state of emergency some 67 years ago..we are poor and proud we want UK to empower our democracy and economy so that no one including our mp would oppress ordinary citizens of malawi.


Ndiwe chitsiru kumayenda uzaphunzira zambiri galu iwe

Big brain

We from John Chilembwe family we are in support of this and we will contribute 10million for legal fee those who are saying wooo do my know people died for the freedom that we are enjoying now and the Britons killed a lot of people!!!!


Though having problems in his constituency but it is different from this issue don’t just go criticize somebody when feel the lose of our parents during that time. And if happen in Kenya can be the same to is here why do you underrate him of course he can not succeed but there’ll be someone who will finish this task. Osamanginyezera china chili chonse and you must be ujeni.


This is selfish he just seeking a way of robbing London. How many miserable things has happened to our country since Kamuzu, Bakili and Bingu what have done so far. Tiyeni tisiye mkhalidwe wakuba change our mind set tiyambe kumanga Malawi wabwino tsogolo lathu.

Dambudzo mwasanya

Alomwe ndinu mbulidi.How much have British taken from Africa to build London.Ka aid amepeleka ku Malawi with alot of conditions is nothing in comparison of what they have benefitted from Africa.Alot of countries have been compensated,so why not Malawi.Alomwe u r just showing Umbuli wako pa forum pano.

joseph makuya

Just concertrate to the problems you have at hand in your constituence Mr Hon MP Mhone,i think you have so much problems than this.

Special advisor

Did Malawi Government compensate anyone for the Mzuzu masacres by the Bingu regime? Dis government compensate anyone for the loss of Fanikiso Phiri? Did it compensate anyone for the loss of a Mangochi damage to MCP Office and the loss of a female student from St Monica during Bakili regime.

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