Mphwiyo breaks down as he recalls shooting incident: Denies deal went sour assertions

Former Malawi budget director Paul Mphwiyo has refused to comment on whether his shooting was directly linked to the looting of public funds popularly known as cashgate, saying he will only comment on the matter in court.

“I don’t know why someone would want me dead…..I don’t know why,”  said Mphwiyo on Tuesday when he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament  in the capital Lilongwe.

This statement managed to send chills to many people who jam-packed a historical live broadcasted public inquest.

He denied the assertions that his shooting was as a result of a deal that went sour.

Mphwiyo: I declared my assets

From 09:30 am to midday, Mphwiyo tackled all questions save for those whose cases are being investigated or are in court.

After several attempts by the members of the committee to persuade him to open up and talk about any connection between the infamous cashgate scandal and his shooting Mphwiyo maintain his stand that he does not want to be antagonising the wheels of justice doing rounds on his attempted murder case.

“I know how you feel about this whole thing…the shooting…I do not want to awake your trauma you suffered on that Friday. But if you could just share some information of places you visited, people you met and if you can remember anything about your shooting…..if you could,” persuaded Linfred Nawena member of the committee.

Mphwiyo was at this time comfortable to just share some bit about his movements on that day including some chat with friends at two several outing places within City Centre and driving to his home before midnight of September 13, 2013.

“Upon reaching my house’s gate, I clearly saw three people. They may have been five or more but I clearly saw three….at first I thought they were people just passing by until they came closer to my car. We did not talk to each other and I was shot several times.

“My wife even heard the shots on the phone because I was speaking with her at the time it happened….I slammed the gate forcing my way in…My jaw was completely falling off. My wife managed to drive me to MASM clinic in company of my traumatised 12 old year daughter. I was attended by Dr. (Heatherwick) Ntaba managed to open up my air passage for easy breathing….because it was apparent that I was taking in a lot of blood and choking from it….” Mphwiyo told the shell-shocked inquiry.

“I was then referred to the Kamuzu Central Hospital where my friend, Dr Carlos Valera opened up my air passage to assist my breathing…then I was evacuated to South Africa….I may stop there,” said Mphwiyo who was at this time fighting tears.

“Two bullets went through the jaw, this was completely damaged and it was reconstructed with titanium metal. One bullet went to my shoulder and two of them are still lodged close to my spinal cord and cannot be removed,” Mphwiyo said.

Quizzed by lawmaker Henry Mussa on his alleged vast wealth, Mphwiyo said Anti  Corruption Bureau (ACB) queried him about his wealth and he fully disclosed his assets.

“Malawi is a country where success is not a common phenomenon, full of jealousy and envy,” said Mphwiyo.

“It’s possible for a young man like me to accumulate wealth,” he said, adding that at 37 he was capable of accumulating wealth through hard work.

Mphiyo said the parliamentary committee can access his assets information from ACB and also advised PAC to ensure that all public servants declare assets.

The whole room was silent as he spoke and minutes after he finished speaking quietness engulfed the room until after the Chairperson Beatrice Mwangonde read the records of proceedings,  Henry Mussa led in clapping hands which the whole committee joined in apparent approval of successful inquest on the most talked about man, Paul Mphwiyo.

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