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Frank phiri

The international Highway Codes prohibit any driver whether of a truck or a saloon from blocking any Entry/Exit of a Highway, street, a cycle track or a public premises. One can only do that at a private premises. It is a punishable offence. I am truck driver myself. No truck driver can do that in Mozambique or South Africa and expect to go away with it without receiving the due consequences from Traffic Police unless its a proven breakdown.


Do you know Chitatata bwino bwino, know who you mess with next time…you are glad you are alive Mr Truck Driver hahahahaha


Ine Amaloya kapena Ochinere nikuti “Bambo Msonda chipako chakubibirani ndithu”. You were provoked but it was you who shed the blood first because the guy was rude. Kaya ndichoncho? Basitu jere muyilowa pokhapokha mutasala kudya ndikupemphera kwa Mulungu. Apa Satana akukondwanu nanu kuti mumve kuwawa. Malawi political system has some of the best trained spies and underground people to take you to temptation. Ndale siyani. Munenen pa radio kuti you no longer PP and perhaps someone will soften the heart. I plead with you my Brother.


if the whole issue will be politicised then msonda will dance to the tune. however, I still feel that the track driver was wrong.the most disappointing this that in the report it seems the police officers have already taken their side which is that of the driver

Hot Iron

Bambo Msonda sanalakwe. Driver wamwano uyu anatumidwa kuti amupezese mulandu bwana Msonda. I am not PP but the driver and the police were all acting foolishly. Stupid politics from Dirty People’s Party!

Mbowe Mulambia

A police samalani ndi nkhani yi even if I am not a judge olakwa ndi truck driver was wrong Mr Msonda was protecting himself do not use politics here. why detaining Mr Msonda? Actually inuyo ndinu mboni ku court about the fight at your place


the truck driver,probably a son of a harlot,was wrong and rude

Xander Jimmy

Although I totally condemn violence of any nature……bt I feel Mr Msonda might really being put in an awkward situation……..Truck being parked in residential areas is not acceptable and contrary city bylaws…..unless if is categorized as main road…….kuwatsira mowa koyambilila bambo Msonda wa it clearly show kuti adamutuma…….hence Bambo Msonda had to defend himself………if he parked pa plot yanu Mr Msonda consider trespass charges against this rude n disrespectful driver and his employers!

kene wa kene

Takhala tikuziwa kale kuti Ken Nsonda ndi ~Mr Kachikwanje kuyambira kale during Kamuzu era.

mphwache wa bingu

These truck drivers are a nuisancet to society .He should also be charged with parking truck in residential areas contrary to the city bylaws