Mutharika accuses Malawi politician of lying abroad

President Peter Mutharika has asked the international community to ignore or shut their “unsuspecting” ears to a politician who is globe trotting, telling lies that Malawi ihas become a dangerous place for opponents of government.

Mutharika: No political persecution

Mutharika: No political persecution

Without naming the politician, Mutharika said on Wednesday in the Malawi capital, Lilongwe, it is unfortunate that some political leaders and critics find comfort in using lies as a tool for achieving political progress.

Departing from his prepared speech during the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day, Mutharika flatly rejected the said “lies”, saying no one in Malawi will be persecuted by reason of opposing his administration.

“I have to take advantage of this event to disclose that I have been receiving a lot of letters from the international community trying to confirm what they have been told by a  Malawi politician that Malawi is a dangerous place because my administration is persecuting political opponents. This politician is a shameless liar and I urge the international community to ignore these lies,” said Mutharika.

He lamented why some Malawians find satisfaction in destroying the reputation of their country by inventing and churning out stories that are without base.

“My administration has not persecuted any political opponent, and I can assure everyone here or in the international community that as long as I am president nobody, including my critics, will go to jail on political grounds,” assured Mutharika to resounding ululations from his audience that included diplomats and representatives of international organisations.

He added that he would be the last to victimize other people as a result of politics, having, himself, been exiled for 40 years as a consequence of political witch-hunt.

Many of those who listened to Mutharika thought he was referring to former President Joyce Banda who has refused to accept the olive branch that the Malawi leader offered to her during his inauguration.

Banda left Malawi in mid-September and, according to reports, she has been moving from one country to another  addressing unending international meetings. And often she is seen in pictures posted on social media posing with foreign diginitaries.

Banda’s Media Liaison Officer, Tusekele Mwanyongo said  the former President was still attending to various international engagements, including some related to the Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) Africa Initiative.

“The former President is still on her philanthropy tour of duty. As you may be aware, apart from Malawi, her foundation has now extended its wings to other countries in Africa, including Kenya, South Africa,Uganda, DRC, Gabon, Liberia, Ghana, Egypt and Mauritania.

“JBFI Africa Initiative will focus on five priority areas—Wealth creation; Education for a girl child; Maternal Health and HIV/Aids; Leadership; and Rights—in these countries. She is preoccupied with ensuring that JBFI Africa Initiative achieves its intended objectives,” Mwanyongo  told Nyasa Times  in an email response to a questionnaire.

He indicated that the former President would be returning to Malawi “soon” but could not disclose the arrival date.

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This is what happens when one is failing to run a government. Instead of putting his effort to run the government , Peter is spending useful time to talk about unknown politicians who he accuses of telling lies abroad about his failed management of government.

A Failure is a failure.


not hell with politicians,they are all liars no one should accuse the other,JB a liar,PETER a liar,BAKILI A liar…OSE

Dambuzo Mwasanya

Inu a Pitala how many things have you lied to Malawians to get through your backdoor presidency?This is a norm in Malawi and everywhere else in the world.Sort the issues that are crippling Malawi.Stop being a cry baby an old gogo like you.


a good leader thinks about people who he is leading,alot of children give up xool due to school fees,please don>t make it worse.


The way the regime has gone to purge the civil service and govt organisations of ex employees I for one would not hesitate to side with anyone shunning their country. Unfortunately such a culture bears instability in an otherwise peaceful country.

So stability might take some time to come.


Regional bawo officer
Regional bawo officer

All what our president is doing. Copy and paste please revolutionize this country. Change things like do away with subsidies. Let us pay school fees from primary to university. I am sure we can collect alot of revenue. Do away with duty free scheme for the capable people like senior govt officers, increase tax base by including informal business people who are eating free monies without paying taxes. In two years we can start doing our own things without doners. Pls comment this is our country let us not leave our country to perish.

I think its somehow not good idea coz u are trying to compare Malawi with britain or south Africa,our economy is on crisis the cost of living is already in miserable then you say the tax should be raised did your head made of brain or water?then the commodities are being sold with highest price comparing to the rest of African countries plus high interest rate in banks,if i were a fool and a UK based Malawian or USA Malawian may be dubai Malawian who don’t know the agony of this economic crisis i would have supported your assertions you… Read more »
Sapitwa kakulanye

A lie is a temporary relief. The truth shall set us free. Malawi is going through tough times because of people called politicians, Change please.


Malawi my country. Devlpmnt is scrfice. Who wil do it for the good of the country?

Regional bawo officer
Regional bawo officer

What have you done yourself?


Only God knows about Malawi.Let us pray hard not pointing fingers.


If someone is telling lies elsewhere osanyumwa. The recipients of those lies will eventually discover the truth. Govt must concentrate in fixing the current woes. Don’t divide your attention to nonenties.


Lets unite

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