Mutharika calls for patriotism to mark Malawi Day

President Peter Mutharika has urged Malawians to never undermine themselves but instead be proud of their country and start supporting locally made products.

President Mutharika : Be proud of Malawi

Mutharika has also decried the continued reliance on imported goods, calling on the citizenry to foster a buy Malawi spirit to ensure economic growth.

The President made the calls in a statement issued on Saturday in commemoration of Malawi Day which he set aside as one way of promoting Malawian culture and way of life.

Last year, the President declared that 18th March as a Malawi Day every year. He also declared Friday as the day Malawians should wear locally produced clothes.

“Our farmers want us to promote Malawian food and products so that we can create a good market for them. We cannot be importing tomatoes, eggs and Irish potatoes when our own farmers are growing them in abundance. We cannot, and we should never, undermine ourselves by looking down upon what we produce,” said Mutharika.

“Malawi Day is the day we should remember to be proud of what we are, who we are, and to be proud of what we have. Let us be a nation that celebrates our uniqueness. Let us tell the world that we are proud to be Malawian. In commemoration of this day, I urge you all to eat, wear and use Malawian products. Let us promote our culture, our way of life.”

Mutharika highlighted the need for the citizenry to support Malawian products in line with Buy Malawi Strategy as way of promoting goods and services that are produced locally.

“Let us support our local industries to grow. This is one way of promoting our economic growth and prosperity. Through this strategy: we promote production of Malawian goods and services. We increase participation of the private sector in domestic trade. We increase participation of women and youth in business. Above all, we create more industries and new jobs.”

He then noted that in the last one year, public and civil servants have religiously been wearing locally made clothes every Friday; tailoring businesses has boomed and hotels started being more Malawian than ever with local food.

“Malawi Day is a day for us all. It is for you the public servant as much as it is for you in the private sector. Malawi Day is for those of you in our towns and cities; it is for you in our villages,” he said.

 Mutharika has since urged Malawians to never to undermine themselves, arguing by doing so the country will continue to be a consuming and importing nation.

“In commemorating Malawi Day, I want us to be people who believe in ourselves, and people who believe in what we produce. I want us to be people who are proud of ourselves, and people who are proud of what we produce.”

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winston msowoya
winston msowoya
5 years ago

Peter,do you comprehend the word PATRIOTISM in a real sense of it? Or maybe your so-called PHds have misguided you? How would you talk on PATRIOTISM on one hand,and destroy our nation on TRIBALISM on the other? Banda to say the truth,was an architect of the present day obnoxious TRIBALISM followed by your brother Bingu and then yourself.You three unMalawian people are the destroyers of our once decent nation in Africa.Have you forgotten so soon when you referred to Kamlepo Karua as a man from the NORTH? By the way,your coming into power,has worsened the status-quo,you have devided the nation… Read more »

5 years ago

charity begins at home. Our leadership must be seen to be Patriotic. Certainty plunder of public funds through dubious procurement processes or abuse of borrowed monies or shielding thieves is in no way Patriotism. Further, not allowing the ACB, Auditor General, CEO’s of Parastatals freely utilize their knowledge for the benefit of the Nation is no where near Patriotism. What we see in Malawi at present is a leadership that is selfish and proudly practicing Likaomba Wothelatu.

5 years ago

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