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Mzimba MP Chiluba challenges ruling DPP: ‘You can’t unseat me’

Mzimba North East member of Parliament (MP) Olipa Muyaba Chiluba,  has said the governing Democrtaic Progressive Party (DPP)  should forget about their idea of unseating her for the 2019 May tripartite elections, describing the plot as an “entirely fruitless” agenda.

MP Chiluba Muyaba confident she will keep her seat

Feathers were ruffled recently when DPP campaign director, Jappie Mhango alongside outspoken northern region governor, Kenneth Sanga—who toured Mzimba North East—demonized Muyaba as nothing and swore to root her off.

They said the same would happen to her counterpart, Agness Nyalonje-Ridley of People’s Party (PP) who defeated incumbent finance minister, Goodall Gondwe, in the 2014 elections.

She said: “Mhango and Sanga are burdening themselves with a cheap propaganda campaign which will not shame at all.”

According to her, she has accomplished what most of those who want to unseat her can do.

She told Nyasa Times on Wednesday: “I have carefully used the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to bring more development to Mzimba North East.”

She cited school blocks in her constituency as some of her achievements as far as CDF is concerned.

“I’m the true representation of development and I’ve no doubt I’ll sail through again in the next election,” she said.
With the general election due in about fourteen months’ time, over nine self-proclaimed candidates, like DPP, are already making desperate moves to wrestle Mzimba North East from Muyaba.

Catherine Gotani-Hara, a former Cabinet Minister and lawmaker for the area and a likely candidate for the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), is one of such people and is poised to be Muyaba’s main competitor.

Muyaba acknowledges Hara’s presence in the constituency, saying “at least, she [Hara] exudes some energy to wrestle with me. Otherwise, DPP and the other candidates are just wasting their time.”

Since she set her feet in Parliament in 2014, Muyaba chaired the Defence and Security Committee, she was member of International Relations and State and Enterprise Committees and is currently a member of Agriculture and Legal Affairs Committees and Women Parliamentary Caucus.

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