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Newspaper hails VP Chilima on dykegate blast: Malawi deserves better than this horror

Malawi’s flasghsip newspaper, the Daily Times, has commended  State Vice-President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima (SKC)  for openely   condemning BRL Engineering who are the designers and supervisors of Tengani dyke for the poor construction work suggesting the hardline stance is “way to go”.

Chilima take hardline stance on poor construction work funded by tax payer

Dykegate: K289 million spent on this Tedzani dyke

Chilima  said when he visted the K289 million dyke built under the Shire River Basin Management Project that it is  “a waste of resources.”

The newspaper’s leader piece brands Chilima’s reaction after  visiting the newly constructed dyke in the area of senior chief Tengani in Nsanje Central Constituency constructed with an aim of protecting people of the area from flood s “very sensible” and that “his anger was justified.”

Chilima said the 823-meter long dyke can be replaced after two years but  they cannot replace people’s lives.

The paper noted that Chilima  has in the recent past called on construction companies and others to “step up” on building long lasting structures that can resist natural disasters that are now taking a toll on the country.

The editorial states: “Many well-meaning Malawians, alarmed by damning revelations of high-level corruption, and its effects in the construction industry, may agree with Chilima and have joined the increasingly caustic chorus, demanding to know the government’s position, or ascribing motives, for not taking to task bad workmanship.”

Times  comment piece also states: “It’s heartening that the Vice-President demanded a good job from the contractor, and spoke for many patriotic Malawians, when many of his colleagues in Cabinet have given up entirely. They’ve walked away from insisting on a good job, and reprimanding those who fail to keep the standards that the first president, the late Kamuzu Banda, instilled in many of us.”

The paper said they are convinced the hardline stance by Chilima is not new and is not a matter of political expedience that will disappear if his DPP is re-elected next year.

Even before he became Vice-President – and ever since – Chilima has always demonstrated commitment. And he remains every bit as committed as ever to a Malawi that is hard working and strives to make a difference.

Currently, President Peter Mutharika and his vice, Chilima are barely managing their sour on and off relationship. Word on the street is that, Chilima is the type of leader Malawi desperately needs to make any tangible progress in the fight against poverty and corruption.

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