It’s not me in ‘sexting’, says Patrick Likalamu

Blantyre based Patrick Likalamu has cleared the mist over the leaked ‘sexting’ and scandalous Whatsapp chats with another Blantyre girl saying his name got mixed up with that of another Patrick Banda.

Likalamo and his wife

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Likalamu said he is populary known as ‘Paddy’ by his friends and peers hence the mix up of the names.

“I called the number of the lady which is on the chat and she was very apologetic saying her boyfriend is Patrick Banda and is also known as ‘Phaddy’ and when someone saw this they might have thought it was me and put my picture with my wife there. It’s not true and it is distressing,” said Likalamu.

He said his wife did not ‘leak’ any Whatsapp conversation because there was no such Whatsapp conversation on his phone.

“So it is not me, the name of the guy in those text messages is Patrick Banda not me,” said Likalamu.

The erotic messages were being exchanged by Banda and his girlfriend Jessie Phillips.

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12 thoughts on “It’s not me in ‘sexting’, says Patrick Likalamu”

  1. KL says:

    That is the problem with this country. They have tarnished your image but you just let go. Why not seek damages? That way they will be careful before they tarnish anyone’s image again.

  2. Sterius Gwaza says:

    May the Good Lord have mercy on us all. Can you imagine how Patrick is feeling now? Can you imagine how Karyn is feeling now? They might have not slept for the past few days. They are a family and have a kid (or is it kids?). It is entertaining when we point at others. But wait a minute, it might not be you next time – you could be that smart, but it could be your son, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your father or even your mum. That’s when you will realize that maybe you could have commented differently on this issue. Maybe you will realize that you could have just knelt down and prayed for Patrick & Karyn – because they are in pain now.

    One day I woke up and realized my kid brother had done something at school I least imagined – he was caught having sex with a senior girl – boy in form 2 (15yrs) girl in form 3 (17yrs). At home we knew my brother as “agulupa” – a prayerful boy. I tried to suppress it with good intentions before it could go public. But alas, social media! It went out and I couldn’t control it any longer. My brother started dying slowly in his head until he died physically with a heart attack and was discovered one morning (three months from his sin).

    No suicide, no poising. But depression because in as much as he confessed his wrong doing – the society through social media did not accept him. He was a constant reference. He always told me: “It was wrong”. He couldnt pray anymore, he was shy to pray openly.

    Now he is gone – the greatest sinner of all times. I accepted it. My family accepted it.

    For those who care, can we do something for Patrick and Karyn. Let us pray for them and embrace them, lest one day a different story will be written on Nyasatimes. Good enough for publicity.

    May the good Lord, who loves us all, create a heart of compassion in us all — Amen

  3. If i may borrow the question … why would Nyasa times publish such nonsense??? what does Patrick Likalamus” sex private life or what ever you may call it have to do with Nyasa times???why publish this to the Nation????
    what does this Patrick Likalamu do for a living?is he a president,politician or top business tycoon for this to be published to us as a nation.

    is he the first man to do such a scandal kuti mpaka mulembe zimemenzi pa Nyasa pano

    Rather these allegations are true or not,I would not be surprised for this Patrick Likalamu is capable of doing such dirty work.

    please publish important things and not such nonsense.

  4. jj says:

    I think it’s becoming too much in this nation to be publishing stories without properly searching and finding out the truth. If we talk of police, they like to arrest people and latter say, keep him on remand as we finish our investigations. what kind of a country it is that like to act on half baked information? This is a clear indication of lack of organizational ethics, we have thrown our ethics and integrity to the dogs.
    we should learn to take such media houses and organizations to task, sue them, take them to court and let them feel pain that must teach them to verify issues before publishing them. Eyetu, this nonsense can not happen with a white man. Don’t just be stressed Banda, Phaddy must act and painfully the issue was so much leaning to the father because he is a Church elder, really? Nkhuyu zodya mwana?

    To my country with love……

  5. Victor Mkomba says:

    Damages please! You have tarnished the image of his father whom you featured highly, his wife, his church and of course his own. One wonders how it is your business to publish such private issues.

  6. chilombo says:

    Ife timadabwatu kuti a Phaddy mukusiya chick yabhoo ngati imeneyo nkumavaya kwa ajawa? Kapena awa samatha kuworker Waistline ndi head? kkkkk

    1. wandi says:

      wandiwaza ayise!

  7. Grow up says:

    Surely, it was none of our business. We didn’t need to know this.

  8. Gutete says:

    Never admit it was you olo atakupeza pamwamba! Deny, deny, deny!

    Inde inde inde! Likalamu umatiimira!

  9. Richard Mwale says:

    too bad this social media will destroy us. People’s names and character are being destroyed

  10. Aphiri says:

    Even if it were you it was blown out of proportion. It’s none of our business . It was a private matter which didn’t need us to know.

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