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Aniva was not supposed to go to prison in the first place. We all know that he was not doing this by force. People hired him. A suspended sentence was ideal. Do not use him as a sacrificial lamb. Issues of culture can only be stopped through civic education and not handcuffs. The NGOs calling for stiffer punishment simply want to be seen as doing enough to fight for rights of women in the country without considering special cases such as that of Aniva. We have to balance these things. Not even one woman or girl came to testify. This… Read more »

There is no reason for the women or girls to testify. Aniva incriminated himself. If some guy says he committed murder some years ago, he shouldn’t be arrested/convicted because nobody testified?


The guy rapes kids (too young for legitimate consent) and gets 2 yrs …wot a joke of a legal system. ..joke of a country. ..tried by a magistrate court ….


This Aniva guy was HIRED and eventually PAID. He did not RAPE the girls. Bring to book those women who hired him as well. They also have a case to answer.

Kwacha Malawi

Aniva deserved punishment, he was doing on his capacity. Whether ANAKHUNGWI or no but him is responsible. He deserved life in prison. Ndipo lawyer wakoyo achita bwino kukapanga appeal. This is now a time where punishment is suppose to take its course not 2 years ndiyochepa kwambiri. Let us consider if these young girls would have been our daughters! how would you feel it. Aniva munthu woipa ndipo ndi mfiti kwambiri. This cultural practices must be stop forthwith. Otherwise Nsanje district will be waste district concerning HIV/Aids.


The TAs, VHs, know this tradition of cleansing, and that is their culture. Aniva got HIV for working on behalf of his community, its the community to pay him. Aniva should be released from prison.


Aniva is not supposed to be jailed because of culture practices which was there even up to now these human rights group should have educated the people of Nsanje the good and the bad of such practices then if anyone is caught with these practices should be brought to book

Zinenani Zoona

There is a new twist to this story. Good the hyena is in. However you need to know that the hyena is not a rapist or a a gate crasher, he is INVITED by the ANANKUNGWI. These anankungwi are his accomplices and are equally guilty. In fact this Aniva fool does not even know the girls, their ages etc, because he comes in night and leaves before daylight. The ANANKUNGWI should also be taken to task.

Unenesko Nguweni

Aquit Aniva.He is not wrong;he never forced girls and women.He was invited to do so and above he was being paid.If we want to punish Aniva get all women and girls who slept with him.They should explain the side of the story.They should also be punished for practising harmful practice.

Aniva must be a victim of circumstances..Nsanje has ever since lived infested with local and international N.G.Os working in the field of HIV..talk of the famous Medicines san frontieres duped M.S.F..Goal Malawi,Jhipiego,SSDI,Concern world wide,Friends of Aids support trust,CARE Malawi,the famous NAPHAM,NICE and the Ministry of Health itself…Now are they telling us that they knew about this from Erick Aniva????..We must be serious..jailing Aniva wont stop this but question these NGOs as to what are they spending millions of donor money for…release him and use him to root this out,,,we will win this fight against New infections for us to achieve… Read more »