Ntaba rubbishes cashback calls, says DPP will not pay back parastatal money

Presidential aide and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president for Central Regio, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba has adamantly said his party will not pay back all the money parastatals and other  government agencies gave it during its fundraising event called Blue Night recently in Lilongwe.

Ntaba: DPP cannot listen to rubbish demands to pay back money

Ntaba has since called the demand by Mzuzu-based Youth and Society (YAS) executive director Charles Kajoloweka for DPP to pay back the money  or institutions that are yet to pay the money to cancel the transactions as  utterly “rubbish” .

“That’s rubbish!” said Ntaba in reaction to the demands.

Ntaba, who was chairperson for the  fundraising event, argued that parastatals and councils that made pledges or paid the money did so willingly, insisting “whether likes it or not” DPP will not pay back.

“The institutions that gave out the money did that willingly, voluntarily, nobody forced them and they haven’t come back to us to demand back their money. So, there is no need to pay back that money,” said Ntaba.

In a statement  Kajoloweka describes government’s move as irrational abuse of resources and warns of unspecified consequences if the money is not given back.

the “abuse of resources”, according to Kajoweka,  follows a spate of abuse and corruption scandals that have rocked parastatal institutions.

“A fresh case in point is the siphoning of K10 million from Lilongwe Water Board by the DPP in February 2016 through a similar ‘Blue Night’ scheme. It is also not long ago when the First Lady Getrude Mutharika invaded the National Aids Commission [NAC] and siphoned K5 million for her private activities.

“In view of this ‘Blue Night’ incursion on the public purse, we, therefore, make the following demands: That the Democratic Progressive Party must within 14 days [by 15th August] pay back the money to all parastatal institutions which were siphoned in the name of ‘Blue Night’ fundraising dinner,” reads the statement in part.

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This is the utter nonsense, Why DPP should pay back the gift given by the bodies. Whats wrong woth you a Malawi


Shame on you Ntaba. Who are you cheating when you shamelessly say the councils gave the money willingly. God is watching what you are dishonestly doing. You will pay back dearly in God’s own way and time.


Why not quiz the Councils? Ask the Councils to go and claim their moneys from DPP, otherwise Councils are the ones to blame but not the recipient.

Mwangodana ndi DPP basi but you know the right person to accuse.


Kajoloweka has proved to be a great Son of Malawi, Who shows true partriotism to his nation. DPP is busy preaching partriotism but it is doing the opposite. I don’t think rooting public resources in the name of Dinner dance is being Partriotic. Chilima, I wonder why you could be part of this team. Think twice before it is too late.


A Ntaba, a Ntaba, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ntaba!! mulomo ukutsatilani, bola mukanasiya phazi!! Ndalama za a Malawi musachite nazo makani chonde!! Mind you, whatever means records you used when you said BCA gave you peanuts and sent back to the peanuts are still available!

chaponda mchimanga

Ntaba says the parastatals paid the money on their own will ufuna kupusitsa ndani??? These are thieves who are stealing money from parastatals in the name of donations. Why can’t the same parastatals donate the same to opposition parties??? These monies are our tax payers money and most of us sre not dpp followers and yet you have the audacity to waste our money like that. Mr Kajoloweka go a head and sue these people adzazolowera.


Kuba poyelayela….. manyazi mulibe? Kenaka muyamba kuitana ana a sukulu ku blue night ndicholinga chodya nawo pocket money


It is your time Ntaba. For now you are untouchable. Enen Mphwiyo didn’t know he could end up in court when he was enjoying public money. Just wait for 2019.


And you are saying JB should come back because of the same well wishers issue. I think we must look deeper into these things. The DPP must be serious. At the same time the issue of appointments is what brings fears upon the CEO’s to the effect that when the ruling party demands anything, they give it away. Unfortunately these are our taxes and market fees. We pay these monies with greater pains but then it further pains us to see the money misused.


Rubbish person and rubbish party. Malawians not rubbish at all. God will judge you 2019. Joice Banda steal money in limelight like that shame on you thieves while Malawians can see their taxes money stolen like that.

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