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Voters beware! Mukazandivotera ine ndizaba kuposa pamenepo, ndili ndi njala yoti ndizaba money heavy from account # 1


This is what happens when we vote retarded clowns into office


WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT THESE CLOWNS HAVE BEEN, they have lost there moral campus and greed has overpowered them, they would care less for the common man,…………… mbuz!!!! , you mean there is no voice of reason in the whole house???????


First, the vultures land and begin to rip at the carcass. Then the hyenas come, chase them off, and start to gobble. Later, the lions arrive and gnaw at anything that is left. When they think that they have enjoyed the last drop of marrow, they slink off, and the vultures return, hopeful of a few overlooked scraps. When all the scavengers have gone, my brothers and sisters rise from the dust and build their homes of sand around the bleaching bones.

Peloma Pepe

Well-said Bwana Ntata. The problem in our country is that whoever we vote into office in the forthcoming elections, they’re likely to continue these unceremonious and retrogressive practices. Imagine if this K4b was used for procuring drugs, it’d have gone a long way to fund health centres somewhere in the village for several months if not years, thus benefitting the poor. Yet, these crooked politicians of ours saw nothing wrong (even morally) in enjoying the cursed ‘national cake’ at the expense of the poor masses. Our situation in Malawi needs prayers; otherwise, our future is doomed. SAD!


The problem is even the so called learned people when issues come out, do not support views of the opposition fully. Section 65 of the Malawi Constitution died a natural death becoz of opinions like the ones being given now. The truth of this matter is clear.


Gondwe and Naknkhumwa are laughing stocks and should be ashamed. Their names should be engraved in history of those plundered Malawi. Is that the integrity that DPP preaches? How can Malawians take this government seriously when its henchmen practise contrary to what it preaches. Hypocrisy. Those who were marked for the money should be ashamed too for being unpatrotic.