Nyasa Times editor Thom Chiumia steps down following allegations of sexual misconduct

The Editorial Director of Nyasa Times, Thom Chiumia, has stepped down from the publication following allegations of sexual misconduct made over a week ago.

Chiumia: Under investIgations

Commenting on the development, Edgar Chibaka, Managing Director of Nyasa Times, says Chiumia was arrested, interviewed by Police and remains under investigation following the serious allegations.

Chibaka said that allegations of this nature require serious consideration, therefore it has been agreed thatChiumia steps down from his role so that he “does not burden Nyasa Times, Editorial Board and team of reporters.”

“We cannot comment further because there is an active investigation by the authorities. Chiumia has not been charged,”Chibaka said in a brief statement.

Since the news broke, Chiumia concedes the development has been a distraction to Nyasa Times important mission: to speak truth to power.

He added the decision to step down allows Chiumia to address the extremely serious allegations made against him.

Meanwhile, Chibaka has assumed the editorial duties encouraging contributors to contact the team through the website contact us page (www.nyasatimes.com/contact-us/) or  email: [email protected].


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Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
From the story, it is too early to coin the word “rape” because nobody knows which sexual misconduct was levelled against the accused. Generally, sexual misconduct as posted here is a broad term that point to any unwelcome behaviour on the part of the person being accused. Among all other sex crimes, sexual misconduct includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual intimidation. Unwanted touching and forcing another to commit unwanted sexual acts are forms of sexual misconduct. Unwanted touching might appear consensual but it is illegal. Since the matter is under investigations, it is not in order to… Read more »
Primitive Nationals

Rapists are same as oil drilling experts on Lake Malawi. They lack foresight.

All they see is the immediate sweetness of themselves. They can’t look into the future to figure out the troubles ahead in the aftermath of their action.

Very stupid people.


Msathe mau. A Thom Chiumya sanachitidwe found guilty. This very important. Msathe mau. WAIT




Make sure your hands are clean before confronting others

Mzanga Dausi

No one has confroted you. It is your uncontrollable dick that set loose the orgasm on this page!

Staunch Ancc

Bwanji sunanyenga amayi ache a mwanayo, bakili akakufunsa funso limenelo. Komanso, osatenga azungu ma online website oti amafuna anakonda ngati wakoyo. Chibaka pray for nkhosayi muja uchitira every Sunday, zalakwika.


Unfortunately, the police in the UK cannot be corrupted. SORRY bwana.

Pati Bii

When the western world is struggling with cyber crimes, in Malawi we are still talking about mtumbo crimes. A sad nation.

Kapolo Kambani

When living in glass house you don’t throw stones. Bwana all the best.


Where is the the resignation letter? We need to see it?

Save Lake Malawi Dot Org
Save Lake Malawi Dot Org

Mphwanga koma zikuvuta zedi! They will jail you before scrapping your permanent residency or revoking your naturalisation. Then they will deport you back to mathanyuland. Kuyera konseko kukatha, you will look as black as minister Dausi.

Save Lake Malawi Dot Org
Save Lake Malawi Dot Org

Kuchita rape mtsikana is evidence enough kuti munthuyu alibe nzeru. Ndinaonera pa article yake yochemelera oil drilling pa nyanja yathu yokongola ya Malawi kuti munthuyu alibe nzeru.

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