Opposition leader says Malawi President must fix ‘broken systems’: Chakwera new year message looks at ‘blocking progress’ by mafia DPP-rule

President Peter Mutharika is leading a broken country with gloomy citizens due to economic turmoil that is punctuated by motal collapse such as state-institutionalised corruption, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera has insisted in his new year message.

Chakwera: DPP at the forefront of blocking our progress

Chakwera rapped a larger wave of greed and criminality in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government, saying2016 has been a year of corruption scandals.

“The perpetrators and masterminds of the 577 billion kwacha Cashgate scandal are still roaming free and conducting business as usual on behalf of Malawians with no mandate to do so.

“The allegations of links between members of Mutharika’s cabinet and the mismanagement of 277 billion kwacha remains uninvestigated and the ministers in question continue to spend our taxes,” Chakwera said in his message.

Making a populist pitch, he said 177 tractors and 144 maize shellers intended for farmers were sold illegally to government officials at a give-away price, but the investigations into the scandal have been blocked by government.

“Investigations into a 4 billion kwacha procurement scandal at ESCOM are making no progress, as are dubious transactions at Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), National Roads Authority, and Malawi Electoral Commission.

“This month alone, the Government has been implicated in the abuse of funds at the Mzuzu City Council, and most egregiously, in the 25 billion kwacha irregular purchase of overpriced Zambian maize for hunger relief, which could have been bought locally at 80% less and which is now being sold by ADMARC at a price poor Malawians cannot afford.

In effect, Government is now in the business of creating hunger. And these are just the corruption scandals we know about, aside from the ones dating back to the UDF administration and which our courts have failed to conclude for more than a decade, and aside from the corruption scandals currently being hidden from you Malawians,” said Chakwera.

He bemoaned that the 2016 year ends without a resolution to all the scandals and that he understands citizens frustration and loss of hope in prospects to end corruption and thievery in all governance institutions.

Chakwera also pointed out that 2016 has been a year of  “blocking progress”.

“ In our efforts to remove the corrupt dross from our governance institutions, the opposition under my leadership pushed for legislation to give the Anti-Corruption Bureau the power, resources, and independence it needs to get to the bottom of all these scandals, including the brazen murder and assassination of Mr. Isaa  Njaunju who until his death was a top investigator at the Bureau, but the Mutharika Government blocked this legislation.

“In our desire to expose every criminal and corrupt act in Government, including the wasting of taxpayers’ funds at State Residencies, foreign embassies, and foreign trips that the President makes with no accountability about his itinerary or expenses, the Opposition under my leadership pushed and passed the Access to Information bill, but even before it was debated in Parliament, the Mutharika government had vowed to not sign it into law,” said Chakwera.

He also noted that  ADMARC has  obtaining an injunction to block the media from publishing stories related to the maize scandal “ which is a clear attempt to keep Malawians in the dark.”Chakwera said: “ When a party that claims to be democratic and progressive is at the forefront of blocking our progress to strengthen democratic institutions, I understand your frustrations and loss of hope as Malawians in our prospects to move forward.”

He  used his speech to agttack government, saying 2016 has been a year of broken systems and services.

“You have endured long days without water because the management of our water systems is broken. You have endured long nights without electricity because the management of our energy systems is broken. The billions of losses in revenue to our economy and all industries across the board as a result of the water and energy crisis will go down in history as a national disaster and a crime against Malawi.

“ Young people in whom we place all our dreams and hopes as a nation have endured long weeks of no classes as Government indefinitely closed the public university because its management of our educational systems is broken.

“Farmers who invested their time and sweat in cultivating tobacco in their farms have endured big losses at the auction floors because the management of our marketing systems is broken,” said Chakwera,

He continued: “Teachers and other public servants have endured long months without pay, leaving their families vulnerable to incalculable suffering, because despite the empty rhetoric on Public Service Reforms, the management of Public Service systems is broken.

“Motorists have endured long lines and hours without assistance at  Road Traffic offices because the management of our customer service systems is broken.

“Vulnerable groups like people with albinism have endured long spells of fear and terror without guarantees of protection from their Government because the management of our security systems is broken.”

MCP president further said that Malawians have endured long programs on state cotrolled media, MBC  television and radio designed purely to misinform  people and to mock and intimidate opposition politicians from expressing dissenting views, even to the point of using chiefs as mouthpieces of political mudslinging, which just shows that even the management of our communication systems is broken.

“ So as 2016 ends without any end in sight to this culture of operating broken systems that serve Malawians poorly, I feel your frustrations and loss of hope as Malawians at our prospects to create systems that serve you rather than enslave you,” he said.

He commende the media for the role they have played this year “ to bring out issues of national concern”, saying without the ‘fourth Malawians  would have been at the mercy of DPP government ministers of lies and misinformation.

Leader of opposition also thanked all opposition Members of Parliament “who put the plight of Malawians before personal gain” to pass the Access to Information bill.

“May God reward their integrity and servant-leadership with favour,” he said.

Chakwera  hailed the Malawian people, for keeping the peace this country is famous for and for   trusting in his  leadership  “as we pursue our collective quest to disabuse ourselves from failed leaders who are past their prime and who are relics of our country’s broken past than they are beacons of our country’s promising future.”

The government spokesman Nicholous Dausi has said Chakwera is in denial that he lost the 2014 presidential elections and that he faces prospects of remaining in opposition aftrer the 2019 polls.

Dausi dismissed Chakwera’ s statement as “mere political rhetoric and tantrums.”

But he could not dispute about concerns on poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

He however said DPP government will in 2017 reignite economic growth.

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Chatayika Phiri
Rev Chakwera thanks for your best wishes message to all malawians in 2017. One advice is that as you wish somebody well you do not go for negatives. I expected you as well wishing the APM the best of luck in the year 2017. But how could you do politics on a best wishes message to malawians. You deserve it being the 1st opposition leader wishing malawians well in the festive season Bravo! But you could break a record if you could leave politics behind and concentrate on giving hope to malawians like: { “As MCP leader would wish all… Read more »
Dausi was rejected on poll by his villagers. How can such a reject become a nation rep for a big and responsible ruling party like DPP? Whether Chikwera is right or wrong, the reality is what is on the ground. Malawians have identified all social and economic problems. The root cause of problems in Malawi is corruption, a criminality propagated by the same system that is suppose to protect and control it. Where on earth can a criminal persecute himself?. Kamuzu and his die hard MCP oppressors oppressed Malawians for a long time. When the Bishops, Kamlepo Kaluwa, Late Chihana,… Read more »
Chatayika Phiri

My brother if loose elections does not mean you are useless. Take example of yourself if you could be defeated in a race say in church and the pastor appoints you as advisor to him, would you consider yourself useless? Think before you comment.


Vuto ndi omwe amuzungulira president

Ngwanya wa DPP
Bvuto ndi President mwini wake.Those surrounding him are just imprementing the HEs wishes. The president closed his ears long ago. Just look at his priorities, he rushes to announce the new price of maize as if he is the ADMARC Chief. Buys a new vehicle whilst his house has no running water. He knows everything that is going on but since it’s time for fund raising for DPP what else do we expect from him. This is dead wood and let’s not blame his cronies. Malawi wa DPP ndi dziko losauka, so, I expect the Peter to be walking instead… Read more »
Alinafe phiri

Chisangalaro Causing sakukanapo pa zomwe wanena Chakwera koma wangoyamba ina yazamasakho popeza Iwo amadziwa chilungamo chonse cha masakho ndipo chikumbumtima chikuwachitira umboni kuti Chakwera amakumbukira zomwe adamuchita pa masakho.Wakuba nthawi zambiri ndiye amakumbukira kwambiri kusiyana ndi woberedwa moti nthawi zina umayiyambitsa wekha chifukwa chosowa mtendere WA mu mtima.Chakwera akukamba zamavuto omwe akhudza miyoyo ya a Malawi mchaka cha 2016 ndipo ngati akunama mutsutse zimenezo osati muzikamba za zisankho.Zimene zija zidatha koma atumikireni a Malawi osamangowabera monga muchitiramu kuba zachimanga pomwe anthu ambiri akuvutika,ufiti,usatana,umbava

Ubunthu Wamtundu
Nyasatimes should be awarded some sort of Prize of the century. Democrats say majority should rule but what does it say about who should rule the majority. Our only way out really is actions. And from the selfish nature of our president the undeniable fact that no politician or technocrat is worried or cares to help him out this mess just shows the ground reality. It’s time to call a spade a spade like what the hell! Being peaceful to the unjust in an injustice to the peaceful. Just because Malawian people are too peaceful and can’t stand up to… Read more »

Are Malawians peaciful or timid or just plain foolish.

Concerned Mcp

Bravo Chakwera. We are ready to vote for you do that you remain into the opposition to keep opposing presidents who will be coming until you retire
MCP you mean you can’t tame this man. Opposing its not bad depending on what you oppose
Is Chakwera living in Iraq that he can’t acknowledge some developments taking place
Ooo ok Mcp we will loose terribly than 2014. Chakwera is pulpit man not politician

Reading from Chakwera’s speech from the interview, I find that it is of no any different from what it could have been a speech from any ordinary Malawian. It is a collection of the very same usual things that he has heard from grapevines or read from the newspapers just like I have. It clearly shows that Chakwera and his party have no investigative resources to dig for details of these issues that he mentions picked from the newspapers. He mentions about perpetrators and masterminds of K577b being left scot-free yet he does not know them just as Malawians are… Read more »
Ngwanya wa DPP

Iwenso ndiye mbuzi za mbuzi. Chomwe walemba apa ndi chiyani. Chakwera ndiwoyamba kuvomereza kuti even MCP sidachite bwino. Ndindani wa chipani adanenapo ngati izi. Ma audit a Muthalika angaphule chiani? Chuma ku ma Embassy mmene chimaonongeka nduna anali Ndani? Nanga ya chimangayi nduna ndi Ndani? Iwenso ukubwereza zomwe walankhula Chakwera so what’s the difference. Just tell us kuti your are a young brother to Dausi. Nonsense!!!!

Sometimes I sit and wonder that why do politicians seem to be born from the same parent?So greedy and uncaring.untruthful and negligent.you look at those that were mps 5years ago they look so pathetic and miserable because they misused their membership in parliament.they went to parliament and pursued their own interests and not the interests of their constituents hence they dd not win the next election.election.It is awesome that the current mps can not learn from this mistake done by their colleguese.May God help Malawi to be bailed out of this pathetic situation that we are in.Escom problems,Ad Marc scandal,Tractorgate… Read more »

That is a really touching observation. Keep it up Lazarus Chakwera you are winning the souls of many by and by. Votes are waiting for you in 2019. you really deserve my vote.

Chigamba Chakutha

Pointing at problems has never been an issue, but coming with viable, practical and implementable local solutions has always been lacking in the way we do business in Malawi. I am longing for the time when people would come up with such solutions with 100% patriotism for the good of us all.

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