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Malawi has become a laughing stock. Pls pepo wake up to save out mother land from these green and red card holders.

choka phiri

Is Malawi selling country and resources to foreign countries? During Kamuzu NO foreign investors owned The whole company. This is what it is in Arab countries. If Malawians could invest the money They stole in industriries instead of mansions. One day their houses will be vacant NO One to rent. If economy continue to fall like it is to dag.

Alex Likoswe

Government should keenly follow this issue. Any farm out transaction, govt should tax

I am not surprised with this. Remember the huge tonnes of so called samples that went to China for testing. Why go to China if the mine is owned by an Australian company and uranium being a very sensitive mineral in terms of security and potential nuclear arms use? Were the Chinese testing the quality and quantities of uranium in Karonga so that they could take it over by buying paladin out? Also is this connected to heavy Chinese grants and loans coming to Malawi through shady dpp govt dealings with the uranium as collateral? And it is the south,… Read more »


Lord of darkness
I don’t believe this refutal,daily times and the whole times media group are competent professionals and are a trustworthy news source,at least to me, and if you look at that story they covered it comprehensively,interviewing all and sundry including the PS for energy,they even cross checked with what the company is doing in other countries of which it seems its similar to what is happening in Malawi,all their operations are on care and maintenance. and to show that Times media group are really professionals they clearly stated at the end of the story that they were unable to talk to… Read more »

We can smell something here,if indeed they didn’t sale it maybe they have rented it to Chinese company.Our journalists are not mad and they weren’t mad before that they can wake up and cook a story that never happened in our society or country .


Who is fooling who here


ATI Bill needs passing!