Prophet Bushiri earmarks K35mil for charity, jets in Malawi

Self confessed Malawi billionaire prophet, Shepherd Bushiri jetted into the country on Thursday afternoon and immediately parried away allegations he is milking his own ministry, saying to the contrary, he is the sponsor of the church.

Prophetic family:  Bushiris on their new jet and now in Malawi for charity

Prophetic family: Bushiris on their new jet and now in Malawi for charity

Bushiri came through Kamuzu international airport and triumphantly walked out his private jet with a thunderous welcome from his followers.

“If the government cannot afford a presidential jet, do you think a church can afford? I have a string of businesses,” said Bushiri, a young, headline hitting, charismatic prophet.

The Man of God who is fondly called ‘Major 1’ by his followers said he has over 30 mineral mines in Africa, 27 of them gold mines, he has oil wells, a university in South Sudan and property in Dubai and will soon open an international bank and mobile service company.

The ‘Major 1’ said he had brought with him a K35 million cash chest to help Malawians affected by floods in seven districts last year.

He said apart from the charity work, he will embark on evangelism.

Bushiri attracted attention after arriving on his latest private plane reportedly a Gulf Stream III jet, which costs $37m (£25m).

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Somebody with gold mines travelling by jet to give only 37 million kwacha. One side of the story is a total lie either he doesn’t have any mine or he is just pompous unless if you don’t know what it is like to own a mine. Vale Emirates number 4 richest mining company in the world doesn’t have as many mines as you claim. where are you on the list prophet?


Don’t hate the player, hate the game



Onalenna P. Daman

May the Good Lord continue to bless Major 1 abundantly!


Thank you god 4 giving us Bushiri. Malawi is a poor country by all standards but in the major1 you have made us proud.4 those who hate him,we dont stress because we know them by name.they are the sons of the devil.all riches were made by the jehova!those who hate major 1 hate the creator ,because they are the sons and daughters of the evil one who wants malawians to swim in povert!!!!!!!



Chikhutu Chunga

Whatever You Do For Real Mr Bushiri, One Thing I Recognise And Admire Is That You Are An Economic Achiever.


Aha!! If ur on top u b come da topic & if ur the head u become the heading .papa ur the da best. Go deeper!!!!!!!!!! The more ur pressing him the more he is pressing forward. May ur anointing & Grace fall on me .


Financial Intelligence Unit, ACB and Fiscal Police,, please investigate how this prophet got the riches.
It is inconceivable how he could get bloody rich overnight.
Let him explain what business ventures he has


Akuchita kunyadira kuti ali ndi zi2 maiko akunja!Nanga ku Malawi kuno kulinji choti chingatukule dziko?Ndiye ife nkumanyadira pomwe akutikama Mkaka.M’maiko ene mpano atathothodwa ameneyu.Akakhale komwe kuli migodiko!

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