Prophet Bushiri set for an earthshaking historical crusade, to fill Bingu Stadium Sept 29: Great tourism opportunity for Malawi

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) founder, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is set to host a “historic crusade” on September 29 at Bingu National Stadium (BNS) in the capital Lilongwe.

‘Major 1’ Prophet Bushiri takes crusade to Lilongwe

The crusade—which is part of Bushiri’s ongoing Global Prophetic Tour—is promising fireworks as, so far, over 25 000 have registered to fly in the country to be part of the  prayer event which is a great tourism opportunity for Malawi saying that people from different countries across the globe will need descent accommodation, transportation, meals and other forms of recreation.

Prophet Bushiri’s publicist Ephraim Nyondo said the Global Prophetic Tour is a tool being used by the ECG church to ‘travel the world, preach the gospel and win 2 million souls to Jesus Christ’.

“Our 2018 strategic plan as a church advanced that we win 2 million souls for Jesus Christ. This is just a way a living the great commission which our Lord, Jesus Christ, gave us.

“So, as a church, we are all over preaching the gospel, bringing people to Jesus Christ and helping others to renew their faith,” said Nyondo.

Nyondo added that ECG is currently in an overdrive. “We want to bring as many souls to Jesus as possible. It is our mandate as saints. The whole world must receive Jesus.”

Great Angels Choir director, Ephraim Zonda said that Major 1’s tour to Malawi is important tour which will help to address the challenges which the country is currently passing through.

“This tour by Major 1 [Bushiri] to Malawi is very important as it will help to pray for the issues of our country such as; forthcoming 2019 tripartite elections, diseases and poverty,” said Zonda.

He also said that, Great Engels Choir will also be at the event ministering together the famous Prophet.

So far, ECG leader Prophet Bushiri has been to Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, USA, South Korea, Zimbabwe and several parts of South Africa. This September, the South Africa-based Prophet Bushiri will be in Dubai, Tanzania and Malawi. The tour kicks of early October with a crusade in Uganda.

ECG is one of the fastest growing prophetic churches in the world. With its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, the church boats of over 400 000 registered members just in South Africa. The church, however, has branches in all the six continents across the world.

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Make money.

“25000 have registered to fly into the country.” Has Malawi ever hosted such a meeting requiring 25000 flights in a space of a week (assuming that is the average time delegates will fly in and out of the country)? Accommodation units will also be required for the 25000 foreign delegates and delegates from other parts of Malawi. Then there is security, transport, food, sanitation (think mobile toilets, stadium toilets may not be adequate), etc. How come I am not hearing about how organisers of the meeting are working with relevant government and private sector entities to make the meeting a… Read more »

Mangochi Kabwafu

Zikupe bushiri, zikupe.


Power!!. We are proud of you: His Excellency, Ambassador, Dr. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1. Welcome home Papa.


Welcom Home Major 1 kuno ndi kwanu ndipo dziwani izi kuti anthu akwanu amakukondani kwambiri ndikuziwa kuti ulendo uno Malawi imva kukoma ndi mau ake a Yehova omwe wakupatsani kuti musatipatse a Malawi tonse




Welcome home papa. Waiting to receive .

Agenda Setting Theory

Not an opportunity for Evangelism but tourism?


Malawians full of negatives,why can’t you for Christ sake,appreciate the work of God that he is doing


Power. We are proud of you: His Excellency, Ambassador, Dr. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1. Welcome to Malawi.


Olo ku America abvomela kuti aziphunzitsa usataniki m’ma sukulu nde ife ngoyani????? Basi bwelani mulandilidwa kuno PaPa


?? Ask them

steven zunga mhone

im proud of him i wish i could be home ,all those who are against my prophet shall be ashamed at home ground Bingu Stadium Malawi