Reduce taxes on local beers, MCCI advises Malawi govt

Business captains have asked the government to reduce excise duty on beers locally brewed saying the 40 per cent taxes are choking the beer industry.

Chancellor Kaferapanjira :Reduce tax for local beer

Chancellor Kaferapanjira :Reduce tax for local beer

Gondwe:We need to raise money for our financial plan

Gondwe:We need to raise money for our financial plan

Malawi Confederation of Chambers and Industry (MCCI) chief executive officer Chancellor Kaferapanjira said this Tuesday in Lilongwe when Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe held pre-budget session.

Kaferapanjira said the 40 percent taxes on local beers is stifling the beer industry which he said is a source of employment in Malawi.

“The beers produced in Malawi rake in a lot of money but the 40 percent tax is prohibitive,” said Kaferapanjira.

Gondwe said the government would look into the issue.

He was quick however to say this is not the time to slash taxes but collect more taxes following the freeze of donor money.

“The government needs more money at this point. This is not the time when people should be saying that some should not be paying taxes,” said Gondwe.

Malawi Economic Justice Network executive director Dalitso Kubalasa urged the government to bring in an investment that would be making fertilizer.

He said the government continue to be losing huge sums of money through forex when importing fertilizer.

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Dear Mr. Chancellor There are better items that require reduction in excise duty and not beers. It is sad intellectulas are asking for such reliefs . A couple of years ago Mr. Chikaonda of TNM asked the PP government to build transmission towers for cellphone service providers. A few years ago the banks lobbied for duty free status for ATM machines. Not sure where such people get ideas. Just because Carlsberg is a members of MCCi and a monopoly manufacturer, MCCI does not need to recommend such suggestions. MRA has proof that SOBO was overcharging VAT for 7 to 8… Read more »


Kangamire Zowazowa
Apa ndiye mwatha nzeru a Chancellor – anthu akwathu. This is embarrassing – the whole MCCI asking for reduced beer levies. Bull shit. Beer is a pass time, entertainment – exactly the type of products that must be heavily taxed to transfer wealth into other productive sectors. Use additionAL LEVY on alcoholic beers to build hospitals, improve roads and schools. We want to first reduce careless imbibing by taxing it heavily hence higher prices (impact behaviors) and also use such revenue to prepare to serve the same drunkards in hospitals with liver issues, beaten wives and when they crash in… Read more »

if you dont reduce the price imported beers will be cheaper so watch out


Really Kaferapanjira proposing this. No prolem if he also proposed for alternatives to replace the lost revenue from beer taxes which we havent readi in the story. With these kachasu economists of MCCI Malawi can not develope . Remember no alternatives came from PAC meeting. The same guys


Izi ndezofuna msonkho wamphamvu. Kwezani msonkho kumowaku ndipo tsitsani ku shuga. Zilintchito yanji izi? Mabanja ambiri okhan’gulu la anthu ambirimbiri mupeza kuti womwa mowa ndimunthu m’modzi yekha! Munthuyu ndamene akumasowetsa anthu mtendere panyumba; anthu kukanika kutukuka olo kudya zolongosoka chifukwa chameneyu, zoona? Ndemusitse ; mukufuna zinthu ziyipiretu? Munthuyu ndamene akunka nkumakatapa matenda opatsirana nkudzamutulira mkazi wake! Kwezani kwambiri mowawu; mwina botolo limodzi lidzifika K8000 oro paketi lidzigunda cham’ma K5800! Mwina mabanja nkulimbako!


INu mukuti azikweza msonkho wa mowa siinu nomwe mumati chidakwa sochikweza dziko? Now you want the drunkards to be subsidizing your living? Mxii!!! There is need to tax the tithes as there is alot of money there. Beer has contributed enough to the national kitty. Mufuna zidakwa zikhale zokuyendetserani dziko eti?


no money no beer. those drinking have money, if the govt needs to collect, it needs to charge even more. therefore no to reduction of taxes on beer. if not then we should fight for reduction of maize


Really? Seriously? I am speechless! How about poor consumers? Who is going to fight for them? Can’t believe this! Fighting for drunkards? Malawi will nevEr dEvelop and now I know the reason why. A country full of chickens.

Chodakwa Chenicheni

Komadi bawa ikudula heavy ngati ikupangidwa ku UK, ganizani mofatsa the taxes have to be reasonable ngati simmayaka zanu zimenezo

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