Regime thugs attack Catholic nuns in Lilongwe

Thugs who were some seen in ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) clothes attacked a group of Catholic nuns who were on their way to Likuni from Mlale in Lilongwe where they had gone to attend a function.

DPP youth cadets reportedly attacked nuns

Deputy national police spokesperson Thomeck Nyaude  said he needed to check the details on the incident, but said police  will investigate the matter.

The DPP youth cadets who were coming from welcoming President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu International Airport, descended on a minibus belonging to the Catholic Church’s Msamba Parish, which was carrying the unsuspecting nuns.

“The bus driver sustained injuries after the thugs used sticks to attack the Catholic faithfuls while the rear window was also smashed,” said an eye witness who did not want to be identified for fear of  being terrorized by the regime thugs.

The attack is the DPPs first recorded violent attack on the Catholic Church since the party attacked the Church’s leader Pope Francis, a few weeks ago.

In the attack, DPPs deputy director of youth Hophmally Makande told a rally in Blantyre that President Peter Mutharika, 78  will not heed calls to reign in account of old age unless the Pontiff leads the way, saying he is older than Mutharika.

The party and Makande later issued an apology to the Church.

And speaking at a rally of United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Zomba on Saturday,  a renowned political orator George Saonda  of ‘sesa- sesa’ and ‘chotsa petulo-chotsa’, who has resigned from DPP to join UTM, claimed the ruling party has instructed him to be insulting Catholic priets.

Saonda, who claimed to be a relation of President Mutharika, said: “I have refused instructions from DPP that we should start publicly insulting Catholic clergy.”

But DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has  dismissed that the party was responsible for the attacks of the Catholic nun.

“Everything should not be blames on DPP. Don’t rush to conclude that DPP is responsible for the attack,” he said,

He also denied Saoda claims, saying the allegations were baseless.

DPP is known for covering for its cadres as they continue to terrorizing people with opposing political views.

In the past six weeks alone, a suspect DPP petrol bomb squad petrol bombed two vehicles —one belonging to the UTM  and another to a UTM member, Mzimba North legislator Agnes Nyalonje—when the party went to launch its movement in the district a few weeks ago.

Last week, there was  an incident at the offices of the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), one of the civil society organisations (CSOs) headquartered in Lilongwe, last week where five unknown thugs severely beat up a security guard before attempting to petrol-bomb the premises.

Beatings and arson to property of opponents is a prominent feature of the DPP rule since the party first came to power in 2004. Key attacks include the bombing of offices of Rafiq Hajat, the house of  acticist Reverend  Macdonald Sembereka,  the burning of  legislator Bon Kalindo’s car. The Zodiak Broadcasting Service (ZBS) also had it Landrover hijacked and burnt while several markets also went up in flames across the country under DPPs watch while  several individuals including chiefs have also been beaten by DPP cadres, most of them in full view of the police.

No single person has even been arrested or charged for any of the close to a dozens bombings and beatings by the suspected DPP cadres.

Human Rights Activist and executive director for Mzuzu-based Youth and Society (YAS), Charles Kajoloweka, who also recently received death threats, asaid  the attacks are motivated by desire to silence the administration’s critics.

The United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Network (SAHRDN) have since condemned the violence.

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Operation Nchotsa Mbavas

What the hell is peter doing about these thugs. He has totally lost the plot. How ignorant can one be to the extent of now insulting and harrassing church people and nuns. This is utterly ridiculous. What next we wonder. If we do not do anything about these idiotic barbarians then they will ride all over people even raping women. And the stupid DPP police are just going to look into it. What a bloody joke. These thugs need to be dealt by the mob once and for all. Come on people how can you all tolerate this kind on… Read more »

Nzika ya Malawi

Namalamba ukunena zoona osati chitsiru chikudzitchula kuti Vision’cho. Ndani amadzola paint ya blue m’dziko muno oposa ma cadet? Afisi amenewa atikwana!

Nzika ya Malawi

Koma Dausi ndiwe mfiti yodya maliro ndithu! Chithunzicho chikuonetsa ndani galu iwe? Umathandizana ndi mkazi wako Wa Jeffrey kumawapatsa achombwewo ndalama kuti azipha anthu ngati momwe umachitira nthawi ya Kamuzu. Mulungu akukantheni nonse afisi a DPP ndi Ibu yemwe


If the DPP is not behind these attacks on opposition targets, why does it not instruct the police to investigate them to find out who is really responsible for them. Merely condemning them is not enough; action is needed if we are to believe that the DPP has no involvement. Until such action is taken by the forces of law and order to discover the real culprits and to prosecute them, there is no alternative but to lay the blame at the door of the DPP.


The DPP is no longer the DEMOCRATIC People’s Party; it should now change its name to the CPP – the CORRUPT People’s Party. It has reverted to the bad old days of Kamuzu Banda with his MYP and Youth Leagues. By adopting these former MCP tactics the ruling party is making itself unelectable. It has ceased to be a People’s Party as the people long since rejected such terror tactics.


Kadauluka kadzatela….. DPP and your Police Chiefs will one day pay for this


end of DPP

Hard Truth

Munayamba kalekale kuyimba nyimbo imeneyi. When exactly the mighty DPP is going to end? You will here again tomorrow singing the same song, “end of DPP”. Hahahaha let 2019 come and we will shame you.


Komatu a Malawi tisamangokhulupilira zili zonse. Zinthuzi zilibe umboni. Panopa aliyense angoti DPP. China chilichonse DPP. Kodi a Malawi sitingathe kuganiza kuti enanso angotengerapo mwayi popeza aliyense angoti DPP. Anthu akhozanso kumangobisalira ku DPP ali anthu wotumizidwa ndi UTM. *Musayiwale ku Mangochi adadziwotchera magalimoto kufuna sympathy*. *A Mtambo adadziwotchera office kufuna kuti ma Donor awamvere awapatse ndalama chifukwa amadziwa kuti anthu atopa nawo ndipo kumseu ko sakapitako*. Lero akutuma anyamata kuti avare zovala za DPP kukamenya ma Nun cholinga anthu awa khulupilire. Don’t you people see that anthuwa akuti sewera heavy. Kufuna ma udindo, kusaka ndalama kwavuta pa Malawi. Uyuyu… Read more »

Namalomba Fredrick

Iwe mutu wako sugwira ntchito, akanakhala kuti si a DPP bwenzi atagwidwa, these are moves spearheaded by DPP machinery. PERIOD


Aise Namalomba ndikukumvesetsa kumbali yako, komano ndikanakondanso ukanamumvesetsa Vision usanamutukwane. Pachithunzi chomwe achita post a nyasatime makamaka bambo chiuta, mukuonapo minbus yomwe yanyamula anamwino a katolika? nanga masapota a dpp ali pamenepo mukuwaona atanyamula ndodo zomenyera anthu? Komanso mukaona chithunzicho, sichikufanana ndi chithunzi chomwe anaposita a nyasatimes pa nkhani yoti ma cadet anabvutitsa mayi kaliat ku parliament? Mukadzifunsa mafunso awa ndikupeza mayankho muchilungamo mosawerengela ndi kudana kwanu ndi chipani cha DPP mukhoza kukhala ndi ufulu wa mumtima.

Mchacha the Terrorist

@ pathfinder
Why should we waste time calculating 1+1 using calculus or pythagolus when we simply know that 1+1 answer is 2. We are not chicken brain as you are pathfinder to be applying the principles and ideals of calculus or pythogolus to calculate 1+1. We have for long talked about this unbecoming behavour of DPP cadets under the tutulege of mchacha but your inept and clueless mutharika can’t rein over them. No pathfinder don’t take Malawians for fools. It’s simply stupid to do that. Write again chicken brain




Is this democracy or war against fellow Malawians? If you fail to lead your members politically don’t take the masses for granted.