‘Ridiculous elite’: Mutharika gets UK criticism over Malawi new jet ambitions

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has been subjected to criticism in the UK media after a report by Nyasa Times quoting Information Minister Kondwani Nankhuwa that hinted plans for government to purchase a presidential jet in order for the Head of State to avoid airport queues or the “inconvenience” of waiting for flights.

President Mutharika wants to avoid queuing at airports

President Mutharika wants to avoid queuing at airports

The Express picked the story  calling for halt of all British support to Malawi over the matter.

In the article, The Express reports that President of one of the world’s poorest nations has vowed to buy himself “an Air Force One-style presidential jet “ – as British taxpayers’ prepare to take their spending on foreign aid for the country close to £400m.

It also quoted President Mutharika lamenting on the “inconvenience” of waiting for flights and again government spokesman Nankhumwa justifying the need for presidential private plane.

The report said the story has attracted “angry response” both in Britain and Malawi, with critics branding the request “absurd”- not least because more than half of Malawians live on less than a $1 a day.

In the next week British elections , The Express is backing UK independence Party (UKIP) of tough talking Nigel Farage. The UKIP leader is not going to 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister after Thursday’s vote as his party is unlikely to get majority parliamentary seats if opinion polls are anything to go by. But UKIP may seal a deal for a coalition government if there will be a hung parliament and that it is if it secures more seats.

The Express quoted Nathan Gill, UKIP’s development spokesman, condemning the idea of Malawi President to have a private jet calling it “ridiculous elite”.

“This just highlights UKIP’s policy of reducing our development spending and concentrating on dropping trade barriers.

“If we did that maybe the people of Malawi would benefit and not just their ridiculous elite”.

Expert in UK aid Jonathan Foreman called for all Britain’s aid funding to Malawi to be halted until assurances were given that Mutharika would not be purchasing a new jet.

“Mutharika buying a jet for himself while his countrymen live in poverty, and while foreign aid keeps his country’s inadequate schools and clinics going, is the reality behind what the aid industry calls ‘poor governance’.

“It’s because so much aid goes to leaders like him that countries like Malawi remain so poor even after billions have been donated by the West,” The Express quoted Foreman, whose book titled ‘Aiding & Abetting’ explains the pitfalls in delivering aid.

He added: “We’ve stopped giving money to the corrupt Malawian government before in 2013 and if DfID has any concern at all for the British taxpayer – and for the people of Malawi who are the supposed beneficiaries of UK aid –  they would stop all aid to that country until we get assurances that Mutharika won’t be buying any private jets.”

The Express also quoted “ordinary Malawians” reactions to reports of a lavish new presidential jet.

“What’s wrong with spending seven hours in the business lounge at airports sipping his favourite whiskey?” the paper quoted unnamed primary school teacher.

“Most of us can’t even afford a bus ticket to Johannesburg.”

Another said: “Government says the economy is bad everyone must tighten up their belts and yet the President wants to travel in luxury. It doesn’t make sense.”

UK suspended budget support through government but it is still helping the country through t projects carried out by independent aid agencies.

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Isnt he worthy enough just to buy his own using his own money? The wealthy of Malawi amaze me, they still want to live off the county’s dry coffers. They swindle the country develop tastes whereby the local hospitals are not good enough for them BUT still want government to pay. The grab all government scholarships when they can afford to pay for their children from their pockets — its crazy. So Mr. Prez if your sophistication says no lines nor customs for you…. then feel tree to buy your personal jets and jet all over the place — -USING… Read more »

Let the plane be bought to hello with stupid azungu


Stupid Azungu the new Britain depends on gossips backbitting by the satanic woman hence pipo have lost interest in once Real Britain.Can Britain be sued for Nondevelopments in Malawi after 70yrs rule plus killing of people in 1959


British government must close their stinky mouth. We know this colonizing nation always look down upon us,they undermine Malawi. If one is poor does he commit a crime when he decides soften the burden and buy a bike,shame as Malawian
I don’t want to take our poverty across this continent and our president being the carrier


Ndege Igudwe Atumbuka Anthu Ozikonda High Imene Apanga Joice Ndiye Inali Yabwino Kodi Ndalama Zandege Zilikuti Tikuzifuna Zimene Munagulitsa Ndege Komanso Chimanga Cha Admarc Mumasowetsa Chija Munthu Ukasauka Ndiye Uzichita Kuyenda OPanda Zovala Sizowona Mukamatsutsa Zinthu Osatsu Mwakaduka Koma Gwilitsani Ntchito Nzeru Ngati Amalawi Anthu Opusa akaduka Sitidzalema Chifukwa Cha Mtima Ozikonda Wakaduka


!Anthu akumalawi ndi zitsilu kodi ngege ikapandakugulidwa anthu onse akhala ndi nsapato komanso joice banda anagulitsa ngege kodi sanachite high ngege zina ndikumapitira maulendo ake zasiyana bwanji kodi inu bwanji muthamangira kuuza Britain inu amabungwe ndi atolankha onyazitsa dziko lanu.Anthu opanda nzeru ansanje Ndi Woipa Mitima Ndege Ina Ija Ndalama Zake Adadya Phwiyo Ndi Anzake ARaph ngati ndalama zamanyumba mwawo mpaka kufuna kuphana shame!!!


Wait… Talk. you can’t stop a cyclone! When u smell cooked food. It tells you the food is ready. The jet is ready. Better talk about the Blues. Chelsea on the way. But the looming hunger is not a thing to worry about. The jet will run on solar simple. Y worry. Bakili dd it y not Petro?

zakakaliya mulopwiya

Kuzikonda eti. Timati mwayamba bwino koma eshiiii zili kuno kuMamawi.

Benjamin tetiwa

These whites they want Africans to be beggers

Nyirenda, do you expect the president to buy shoes for your relatives in Mzimba. What do you do yourself to support your own relatives? We always want to blame our failures on the government. You fail to take care of your parents and relatives and you expect the president to buy plastic shoes for them. You fail to buy farm input for them and you expect government to do it for you and yet you spent your money trying to live and expensive lifestyle, but parents and relatives are not having a penny. The story in express is written by… Read more »

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