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Solar power offers ray of hope to poor Malawians: Fortuner Group seeks to boost electricity supply

With the continued power outages across the country, poor Malawians could find hope in solar power which apart from being reliable, is also affordable, Fortuner Group of Companies Director, Ashish Choudhary has said.

The sun is free: Fortuner Group ton tap Malawi’s plentiful sunshine to generate electricity

Choudhary told Nyasa Times that solar panels in poor villages and neighbourhoods could be the solution for Malawians without access to electricity.

“Its a pity that people experience frequent blackouts yet your weather here is very hot.The weather in Malawi can tally with using solar as the only solution to deal with blackouts,”he said.

He,however, cautioned Malawians to avoid fake solar pannels which have flooded the market.

“My only advise is that avoid fake solar pannels. Make sure to purchase only genuine equipment,” he said.

President of Renewable Energy Industries Association of Malawi, Andrew Nkoloma in separate interview concured with Choudhary that with the frequent electricity blackouts many companies have flooded the markets with fake solar pannels.

“Malawians need to open their eyes otherwise they will purchase stuff which they will regret later.We urge them to buy solar pannels from companies that are certified,”said Nkoloma.

Meanwhile, Fortuner Group of Companies which is certified by Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has launched latest technology range of solar products on the market.

And on Thursday the company held free solar technical training session at Malawi Sun Hotel in Blantyre.

A one-day training provided technical knowhow information for over 50 resellers, solution designers and installers.

The training covered areas of products selection, design calculations for a solar solution, backup, solar panel size, inverter size and capacity and limitations.

Fortuner Group of Companies also conducted similar training in Zambia and is expected to hold another one in Zimbambwe.

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