Staff protest National Bus Company decision to transfer them to Mulli Brothers Ltd

National Bus Company (NBC) has transferred about 15 of its staff to Mulli Brothers Limited (MBL) at Chigumula, but the staff are contesting the decision, which they have described as “unfair” and “unreasonable”.

 Mulli: Staff  tranfered to his company

Mulli: Staff tranfered to his company

According to them, NBC and MBL are two different institutions and the former is not a subsidiary of MBL.

The disgruntled employees have been transferred from National Bus Company to Chigumula, Mulli Brothers Head Office effective February 23 2015 and they were served with letters on February 22.

“I wish to inform you that the exigencies of duty require that you be transferred from National Bus Company to Chigumula Mulli Brothers, Head Office.

“If you need any further clarification regarding this matter please contact the undersigned or the Group Human Resource Manager for Mulli Brothers,” briefly reads the letters dated February 23 2015 and signed by NBC General Manager, a B. Namata.

The letters were also copied to MBL’s Group Human Resources and Administration Manager and NBC Human Resources and Administration Manager.

When Nyasa Times visited NBC premises to get hold of Namata on the matter, his secretary, who even declined to provide her name and contact details, said the General Manager was busy and promised to come back to this reporter, but she did not and days have gone without a word from her on the matter.

But some of the disgruntled employees alleged that the decision is aimed at “doing away with them” considering that the bus company is operating on losses.

The company had a fleet of over 50 buses, but only nine are running a mid huge competition from other players in transport trade.

“The decision is a systematic way of terminating our services. They have targeted individuals seen to causing trouble at the company,” said one of the employees, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Others alleged that NBS will “soon close shop” because of bad policies and “inhumane behavior” of Leston Mulli, Managing Director of Mulli Brothers Group of Companies.

Mulli is said to be the Chairperson of NBC and has more shares in the company, which was formed after the dissolution of state-owned Shire Bus Lines.

“Leston Mulli is one person who does not have respect for others; he doesn’t take advice from his own managers, who always tremble with fear upon seeing their Managing Director because of his bad mouth,” said another employee.

They also claimed that staff at Mulli Brothers at Chigumula have gone for nine months without salaries, but they are failing to press for their pay in fear of being “whipped” and “fired”.

“Mr Namata declined to comment on the matter not because the issues we have raised are untrue, but he is equally afraid of being lambasted by Mulli,” claimed one employee when it was put to them that Namata has ‘declined’ to comment.

While Mulli could not pick phone when contacted on Monday.

Most of the transferred staff are motor vehicle mechanics, drivers, cashiers and conductors, among others.

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Not good


A Malawi tiri ndi vuto tikalemela anthu onse amakhala zitsiru ndipo tikamaoma enafe timaombera mmanja koma ena akuvutika.Chidule ndichakuti anthuwo akuwopa khalidwe loyipa lawolo.


9 months no pay. No Mulli you made a mistake. When a worker accept to work even for one month without pay just know he is overpaying himself. A house boy is helping himself to your wife. The house girl has become a mistress. In all these cases it is the employer who loses. Fellow Malawians anybody who offers free services is dangerous. They need to eat and have shelter. Who do you think will provide these. After they have stolen from you or enjoyed your wife you will still have to pay them their dues.

Jack Ruby

During the Bingu era I didnt like Mulli,he had a lot of businesses and he wanted to run everything, he had a clothing factory,rice Milling,Chombe/Tambala foods,Chalk factory in Mapanga just to mention a few,and people were not getting paid on time but there was free transport to and from work,when he got squeezed by JB he closed some of his businesses and now I realise Mulli was and is a good man,he created jobs,ask Business people in Chigumula, Bvumbwe,Mapanga and Machinjili,things are not the same we are talking of simple business like Thobwa,Mandasi,Taverns,Bottlestores,Prostitutes,Groceries etc,,..its not the same as before


Better tan being fired. I wonder why these employees are urguing. Just appreciate the good work otherwise akanakuuzani to pack u and go.

Jack Ruby

They should be happy that their jobs are safe or at least they will be getting paid,most bus companies are operating on losses even mini buses,remember we used to have Yanu Yanu,Tuwiche,Jakumusi,Chagunda minibus,Jajucha,Musadodome,Likoma Boys,Nyadilani?where are they now?try and you will get the answers ,eveen trucks from UK were all over but how many do you see running

Ngiyakufisela ntcheu

I am no lawyer but I understand in such circumstances (transferred between 2 companies), they should be paid their dues in the National Bus Co, first before taken on board the other company. Mulli akuthawa, he probably knows this.


nyasaland, dziko la mabwana ozelezeka.


cause poor governance of NBL other shareholders like simama raised concerns some time back.


Mulli amatukwana ndi kukwapula anthu akalakwitsa ndipo ndinkadabwa nthawi ya amai akumati Mulungu,Mulungu zaziiiiiiiii. Kutukwanatu ,mwina timunvetsetse ngongole zikumuzunguza mutu.kikkkkkkkkk

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