State Houses will be turned into millitary hospitals among others -DePeCo

The youth centred party of the Democratic Peoples Congress (DePeCo) says will turn State Houses into millitary hospitals and other different destinations if voted into power come 2019 elections.

Sulugwe: Depeco will turn other idle State residences into public facilities .

Zomba State House

 Speaking during interview , DePeCo’s Director of Public Relations and Communications Kelvin Sulugwe said thier president will do with Ntunthama residence in Lilongwe.
“Like we always view it, it does not make sense for a President to have six residences in a country where an ordinary citizen cannot afford even a single bedroom house. We are of the view that a leader should be an example in as far as government spending is concered.
“The money it takes to maintain the so many state residences  in a year can help a lot of poor Malawians and improve their lives. Cost cutting measures should begin with the head of state and going to down to his ministers, government officials and to citizens, not the other way round,” said Sulugwe.
As it stands, the Malawi President has access of stay to six residences which include Lilongwe State House, Ntunthama Residence, Mzuzu State House, Sanjika Palance, Zomba State House and Chikoko Bay in Mangochi.
Sulugwe said some of the houses are better off as service providing infrastructures.
“Be assured, Malawi needs millitary and state of the art hospitals. Some of the president homes can do the work and they can also make great tourism destinations. We are not a mornach to have multiple palances,” he said, also hinting that a presidential convoy will have a maximum of three vehicles.
“Malawi is not at war and be assured, no president will be assasinated even in the next coming billion years. There is nothing to fear travelling with a handful vehicles on a convoy that does not only crowd the cities, but also does not stop the whole road just for one person to pass through. Citizens will travel along with the president. We dont have many good roads in Malawi to put the cities at stand still,” explained Sulugwe.
Currently, when the Head of State is paasing through a particular road, traffic police is authorised to clear the way for the president by stopping other vehicles.
DePeCo is led by a charismatic leader Dr Chris Daza who has vast political knowledge having served as Secretary General of MCP and as a cabinet minister in Joyce Banda adminstration.
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My Vote is waiting for you…we have had enough of this nonsense

Selfless and shameless president

If the comments are coming from a sample which represents enlightened and educated Malawians, then the country is doomed. In the 1st world the state has only one state house (White House, 10 downing Street etc). In a poor country like Malawi there are 6 official state houses or what they term official residences. In developed countries they may be a real threat for president assassination hence the tight security and beefed up convoys. In contracts, in Malawi there’s no such threat unless it is imagined. The point being made is that Malawi politicians have had this self-importance tag that… Read more »
So instead of building purpose built Hospitals, you want to turn State houses into Hospitals. The renovations will cost a lot of money and the end product will not be fit for purpose. Why not just built new Hospitals. When you have finished turning State Houses into Hospitals, then where do the State President live? Don’t feed us that crap that s/he will stay in an ordinary House as this will not work because of a lot of reasons and by then reality will have settled in. Don’t remind us of another foolish endeavor by Joyce Banda who said she… Read more »

Youth Centred just in the name only


Malawi does not need military hospitals. Malawi needs good drugs in its hospitals.
Can this party be disbanded? Their thinking is rubbish.

Timvê ziti

The issue about ministerial cars and convoys sound good. Unfortunately we have heard this before and it never happened. Atcheya during campaign would say…ministers will ride in Toyota Corollas. Till the end of his 2 terms nothing happened. Instead brand new Mercs were ordered. Malawians fooled again and again.



Amusala achuluka tsopano

I think this guy suffered from mental illness in the pastor.
You wake up in the morning and think of becoming a President. Does he know that some of these building are there for us to remember the password ast heroes. You mean campaigning from chitipa to nssnjr you will be talking about that.
These are the people to be sent to Zomba mental hospital. Don’t waste our time reading this trash. News rrpiorters be professional don’t waste your time and our time on such mad people
Tatopanazo zopengazi


Wishful thinking; do you also have illusions or halluscinations of being at state house


Shollow minded. Chipatala sikhoma lokha. Pali zinthu zambiri zomwe zimapanga khoma kuti likhale chipatala. Inu mukadzalowa m’boma mudzatilowetsa pansi.

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