‘Super rich’ Mutharika claims he bankrolls DPP

President Peter Mutharika bankrolls the operations and activities of his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and that he was its 2014 elections campaign major financier, he claims.

Mutharika: I am sole financier of DPP

Mutharika: I am sole financier of DPP

An emotionally-charged Mutharika said this on Thursday, October 8, 2015 during a news conference at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, four days after returning from a two-week trip to New York, USA where he attended the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

The President was parrying away suggestions that he is globetrotting to accumulate ‘campaign’ money through travel allowances ahead of his May 2019 re-election bid.

Some critics have also condemned his use of a chartered private jet, suggesting this may also be part of a scheme for “wrongful enrichment“.

The President said he was not interested in “your money”, claiming, “I funded 2014 DPP campaign with my money and I will do the same in 2019.”

Mutharika said he was already a millionaire when he returned to Malawi from the United States of America (USA) where he was a university professor.

“You can check my [bank] account in New York,” stressed Mutharika, who had lived and worked in the USA for almost 40 years before returning to his homeland in 2007.

“My salary is only K1.4 million. I was making 10 times that when I was out of the country,” charged Mutharika.

“Let’s put this nonsense to rest. Don’t be obsessed that I am wasting your money,” he said

According to President Mutharika’s declaration of assets as announced by the Office of Director of Public Officers’ Declarations, he has over US$8 million in two bank accounts in the Unites States.

The President also declared that he has savings of close to MK70 million at Standard Bank’s City Centre Branch in the Capital, Lilongwe.

According to the declaration, made on 31st July 2014, his savings account number 290167363 at Commerce Bank 800 Forsyth Blod (USA) holds U$250,000.00 whereas his retirement account with TIAA also in USA holds U$8.2million and Standard Bank Malawi has MK63, 976,490.00.

He declared a fleet of nine vehicles priced at betweenMK32million and U$25,000.00, all being used but said to have been bought between 2001 and 2014 using pension funds.

According to Mutharika, he has a Toyota Land Cruiser registration number TO 6307, valued at MK40 million, a Mercedes Benz in USA valued at$25,000.00 bought in2001, a BMW, BR160 valued at MK73 million, a Suzuki Vitara, BR2677, MK51million, a KIA, LL1359, MK37 million, Nissan pick-up, BP8089, MK35million, Motor Home, BQ 4576, MK121million, a Land Rover, TO5606 MK38million and an Artego-Benz TO 3847 MK32million.

He declared public ownership, since 2008, of a house in Area 10 on 457 Ulemu Drive in Lilongwe acquired through funds from his salary and savings. He did not provide the value of that property.

Mutharika also said he has another house number NY 453 in Nyambadwe, Blantyre, valued at MK7 million and a third one which declared to have bought in 1982 at US$750,000.00 on 81st Louis MO63105 in 250 Brentwood from his US salary savings.

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Stinking Idiot

No its not the ‘opposition’ but people from all walks of life. If you’re a politician with a political leaning on which ever side, you’d do well to decipher the messages from all and plan your next move, don’t be emotional.

Wezi Katenga

P)lease tell me how a university professor makes $ 8 Million ? You are a dickhead ! Honestly do you think we are stupid ? Fucking idiot ! it’s fucking obvious that you stole that money from public coffers !
You fucking lying prick !

Clement Chiwoko

If the President is that rich why did he come back to Malawi. He should have stayed in USA and enjoy his retirement and riches after all he has contributed nothing to Malawi welfare. If he does not need our money why not give up your pay and allowances to pay for schools and health service,
Mr President do not take us for fools.


Pack and go useless nigga

@83 you are quite right ! this Peter-recently-become-rich guy came back to Malawi absolutely penniless. He could not even afford a ticket to come and attend his sister-in law’s funeral and when he did come his late brother had to use our funds to buy him the house he calls his house. he even had to furnish it before he could persuade him to move out of state house and have a life of his own. He promised to give us his account number, let him do so, the entries should make very interesting reading . If you have more… Read more »

Yes, ur resll rich ur Dead brother left u a fortune of 92 billion. Kamuzu nzako amatuma nduna ku UN, iwe umakataniko every year? Wot d u bring back, a fool of a president. To hell with ur foolish arrogance.

Che Spindulo

The Mutharika family stole a lot of money from Malawians. I doubt if this guy is a real Malawian. why keep a lot of money in foreign bank accounts? and what is wrong with Malawian banks that he is failing to change? this guy is not patriotic.

robert manda

Mwalemela liti inu mumalephela kugula madzi akumwa lilongwe to mzuzu by road asaaaahhh

Mau Musamatha
Our State President sufferers from memory disorder, he has communication challenges and he needs to visit a psychiatrist. Let me refresh his memory; at the heat of 2014 Tripartite General Elections he was so broke he couldn’t afford a full tank fuel for just on of his cars. His aid Ben Phiri who happens to be a brother inlaw to Blantyre based business tycoon a Mr. Ceaser Fatchi was approached to buy APM plot along Sanjika road in Blantyre at Mk15m. Mr. Fatchi paid Mk15m for the plot and donated another Mk5m to DPP for the campaign. APM got Mk20m… Read more »

If the comments on Nyasatimes are a true reflection of the Malawi citizens, then am afraid this country is full of madeya and we deserve to be the poorest clowns in the world. How can a people be so dull?

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