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Ku mwanza cha pa mphete

Good show tenthani. Thz muthalikaz amafuna adzitibela in the name of kuphunzira kwambiri. Only genius can understand what tenthan is tryng to unfold here. Mr presdent, we need our leave grants as soon as posible.


Zamkutu,the guy z incomptent

Lemme start with you poor dunderhead calling yourself attorney general, I find your reasoning and logic very retrogressive and archaic, you are the guys failing Malawi. If the country continue inhabiting poor minds like yours I guess, no hope for the rise of Malawi. Tell me if its an oath so does it mean the asserts director is not supposed to make further examination if the data/information he is revealing to the general public is true or false? If you do not have any ideas it is better for you to stay quiet rather than making some unnecessary noise just… Read more »

Either the office bearer, of the office of the Director of Assets declarations is also crooked or extremely naive.Is he not the same person who brushed shoulders with the ACB,for allegedly misleading his clients? As country,i wish we had more men of integrity like:Roosevelt Gondwe, Hon.Dunstan Mwaungulu or the No nonsense resident magistrate Viva Nyimba,Gustave Kaliwo or Meyer Chisanga,or the job should have gone to a chartered accountant,like the new kid on the block LUCAS KONDOWE,Lucas for president 2019!


Walephera ncthito Tukulayo ayitule pansi basi

attorney general
Wait a minute Mr Dumb Muckraker? Have you read the Asset Declaration Act yourself before coming into this public space to advise the Assets Office on how they should do their job?Do you know that the declarations are an oath?Officers made these declarations under oath.What does an oath mean?What do you mean the assets office should release raw but correct information? The office is there to release the information which the officer himself declared under oath.What is the point of the oath then if the declaration is subject to another scrutiny and correction before being released? Don’t confuse people.Previously what… Read more »
Who is dumb here, the Muckraker or the self proclaimed Attorney General? When you make a declaration under oath all you are saying is that the information provided according to your knowledge is true. Should it later transpire that you lied you could be prosecuted. It is for this reason that Assets Declarations Office should make sure that the information released to the public is exactly what was declared by the public officer in question. Should the information prove incorrect, let the blame be on the public officer and not the office of assets declarations. I as well do not… Read more »

Point of Order Mr Tenthani:They said they are releasing the information just as raw as officers declared it to the declaration office so that if there are any inconsistencies people may report them.Verification will follow later.If they have to verify before releasing this info when will the verification end for all the declared assets.A Tenthani osamangonamiza wanthu apa.

Concerned citizen

but guys what about a decimal point.is it possible to have a decimal point just after a dollar sign.This Tukula thing saw a decimal point somewhere.


The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you realise why. Tenthani was born to rescue hapless malawians. Don’t attempt to do anything to bring him down. That will be mission impossible, because God is watching your every move.

Yosefe Gambatula

This self imposed man should simply resign to save his face.Malawi has totally lost trust in him apart from his stooge loyalist Ben Phiri and his Lomwe cohorts surrounding him.Mbendera anatibweletsera mavuto kwabasi pa Malawi.We never voted for this thief.