Timau: Plagiarism, Kapito and PAC are guilty of it

“The donors want me to be on my knees begging them to give us funding. They are demanding 40 percent devaluation of the kwacha and I am saying no.” –– Bingu Wa Mutharika (former President of Malawi)

 Immediately President Joyce Banda took office, she heeded calls by civil society organisations, and this included the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and John Kapito’s Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA), to devalue the Kwacha. Now, things have fallen apart.

Kapito and PAC have picked up Bingu wa Mutharika’s arguments on devaluation, and are using them against Joyce Banda. In the academic world, this is what they call plagiarism.

Plagiarism literary means to copy and use some other person’s thoughts, writings, and inventions, literary or artistic work and pass it on as ones own. The matter relating to either of these fields are taken and borrowed dishonestly and wrongfully. The readers are deceived into believing that the work is original and written by them. In general, it can be summed up that plagiarism is plain theft and cheating.

What Kapito and PAC are doing is plain theft of Bingu’s writings and thoughts.

PAC delegates at their conference

Only if you are so desperate and lack your own thoughts like PAC, will you want PAC to speak on your behalf on the Kwacha devaluation.

Only if you are unhappy at being left out of positions in the Joyce Banda government, will you let John Kapito speak on your behalf.

The rightful speakers on devaluation are the original architects and these are the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

We know that the cost of living has gone up in Malawi because of the devaluation. We know that no mitigating measures were put in place before devaluing the Kwacha, however Kapito and PAC are not the right people to speak on our behalf, and by extension call for demonstrations.

Kapito and PAC

We the Timau Crew would like to remind Malawians that it was John Kapito and PAC who were calling for demonstrations during late Bingu’s administration, because, amongst other reasons, Bingu was refusing to devalue the kwacha.

They accused the President of disregarding advice from local experts as well as the IMF to devalue the kwacha which was unrealistically pegged at 165 kwacha against the US dollar yet on black market it was trading at 300 kwacha so they claimed.

“We did 10 percent devaluation last year and what happened? Prices of goods went up hurting poor Malawians. I will protect my people and not devalue the kwacha any further as demanded by the donors,” argued late Wamtharika.

Bingu Wamtharika said that he was not going to devalue the Kwacha unless IMF had put in place mitigating measures.

And, today, they have (Kapito and PAC) copied and pasted Bingu’s arguments on devaluation and they are now using them against Joyce Banda.

Academic plagiarism is the most common and serious problem in colleges and universities all over the world. If a student is caught in the act and it is proved that his work is plagiarised he is often expelled from the institution of learning. Kapito and PAC are practising political plagiarism. What should we do with them? Should we listen to their copy and paste arguments?

Kapito and PAC are busy propagating that because the Kwacha has been devalued Malawians should go on a national wide strike. For Gods Sake!! This should not come from Kapito and PAC, let others call for this.

 DPP and Others

Let the DPP talk of the evils of the Kwacha devaluation on people.

The whole literature of the effects of devaluation on people is in Bingu’s files which the DPP have. , “I know the problems in the country more than they will ever know. Give me 12 months and things will improve”, said Mutharika. Bingu’s words did not make any sense to Kapito and PAC; they called for national wide demonstrations and 21 people died in Mzuzu with several others injured all over the country. Should we imagine that PAC and their publicist, Reverend Maurice Munthali have prayed over their copy and paste arguments and are now calling for demonstrations? Nope!

 Rev Maurice Munthali

The Man of God is accusing the Joyce Banda led government of not consulting them before making crucial decisions like the implementation of the Economic Recovery Plan (EPR). Rev Munthali! Are you serious? Do you think President Barack Obama of America consults Pastor Kenneth Copeland before implementing crucial state decisions?


“The donors want me to be on my knees begging them to give us funding. They are demanding 40 percent devaluation of the kwacha and I am saying no”, Bingu Wa Mutharika (former President of Malawi)

What Kapito and PAC are doing is total hypocrisy! You organised mass demonstrations against late Bingu for failing to devalue the Kwacha and now you are threatening to organise country wide demonstrations because Joyce Banda devalued the Kwacha. Do you take Malawians for fools?

This should definitely not come from you. Let others champion this worthwhile cause.

The Joyce Banda led government have created new problems, Kapito and PAC should capitalise on those, and enlighten the nation, for sure few will support them, but do not copy and paste late Mutharika’s ideas.  If they do, John Kapito and PAC will be guilty of plagiarism.

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