Uladi dresses down ‘power hungry’ Khumbo: Kamlepo blast DPP

Irate Peoples Party  (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa has openly pointed a finger at the party’s former veep Khumbo Kachali for being behind a court injunction that restrains the eloquent politician from taking office.

Uladi Mussa:  Khumbo Kachali is selfish, greedy and power hungry

Uladi Mussa: Khumbo Kachali is selfish, greedy and power hungry

Mussa said Salim Bagus, the organising secretary of the party and three others who obtained the court injunction, were allegedly used by Khumbo Kachali.

“He (Kachali) is power hungry, selfish and greedy. He wants to be president of the party but he will not get it. This is the time for Uladi, he is just wasting his time, he must stop this nonsense,” said Mussa.

Bagus and three other party officials obtained a court injunction from Mzuzu High Court restraining Mussa and Kamlepo Kalua, appointed as third vice president from taking office.

He says founder of the party Joyce Banda currently on self imposed exile, flouted party Constitution by making the appointments disregarding convention elections.

However, Mussa said the party Constitution explicitly says a vice president would be appointed acting president.

“There is no way anyone outside would be appointed acting president. I am the acting president of the party,” said Mussa.

In a seperate interview, Kachali denied having a hand in the court injunction.

“This is the opinion of Mr Mussa. What I want is the party to be strong as was the case before,” said Kachali.

He said he would do all what it takes to bring back the glory of the party to its old good days when it was in power.

Kachali resigned from PP in the run up to the eletions when Banda opted for the youthful Sosten Gwengwe as running mate leaving out Kachali who was vice president of the Republic.

After Banda lost the presidential polls coming a distant third and her party trailing fourth in parliamentary elections, Kachali, who had won his seat in Mzimba, rejoined the party and some party officials, led by Christopher Ngwira, lobbied vigorously in vain to make him PP president.

Meanwhile, newly appointed PP third vice-president Kamlepo Kalua has dragged governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) into his party’s leadership wrangle, accusing it of sponsoring the Bagus injunction.

However Kalua, who has been attacking the DPP administration on mismanagement of funds,  reportedlt claimed he was the target of the injunction.

He also alleged that DPP officials released K30 million (about $43 614) to the PP members to fight him so that he finds no room to attack the DPP administration.


Kalua, who is also Rumphi East member of Parliament (MP), alleged that the alleged that the inclusion of Banda and Mussa in the application is meant to hoodwink the public.

“The DPP are frightened with my appointment. They want to silence me so that i dont’s criticise their Mapwevupwevu style of leadership,” said Kalua.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila, who is also Minister of Transport and Public Works and leader of government in the National Assmbly, has  refuted Kalua claims as “unfounded”.

He said DPP should not be dragged into a PP ‘civil war’.

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Khumbo kachale took beds from Mponela to Mzimba,….told us sayenda pakhomo…pa amathu….he can’t lead….Kamlepo is better for the North


I dont see a reason for Khumbo, Kamlepo n Mussa’s fighting cuz mose mwachekula nga mwalekela ta bans tendesye chipani kuti chibe na nkhongono, tukhumba vya ma cardiac carristar chaa iseeee. Vindele kalimani.ka umo mulikwambila ndale, miunda mundagule nasono.Mwa bakazi ba kulu kapumani chonde tavuka na kupilika vya imwea.




A Khumbo dyera, ndichindere nadi !!!. Kodi sindinu aja mudaithawa pp nkupita ku dpp, yakukanani dpp mufunanso udindo ku pp konkuja. shame on you greedy kachale


Interesting, Uladi from the Centre accuses Khumbo from the North, Kamlepo from the North can’t accuse Khumbo. For luck of anybody to accuse, Kamlepo accuses DPP. What a joke.


Dpp are very good at behind the scene maneuvers to stop a perceived threat to their govt from the opposition. Kamlepo’s assertions and claims could very true indeed. I can see dpp’s hand in many of the pp chaotic situations at the moment. The truth will soon come out, I am telling you.

daudi mj

Malawian politics kkkkkk full of immaturity. Leaves a lot to be desired. kkkkkkk. mmmmm ndinasiya kutsatira zachibwana kkk. ndichite zoti zindipindulire. chitukuko samakanganirana. Chilipo chomwe akulimbirana

Starling Kondowe,Chikwina CDSS in Nkhatabay
Starling Kondowe,Chikwina CDSS in Nkhatabay

The problem with our political leaders is that,they think we are still in the 60s whereby political maturity was not there.This time around Malawians are above the mediocrity state in politics.Let us remove the naivety that can end up backsliding our already staggering development.You can fool some people for sometime but you cannot fool all the people all the time.Be careful you people otherwise you will end up chasing shadows.


Kazikulani mu ndale abale!!! Mukuwatsogolera zotani achinyamata alero ngati inu akulu muli m’dambo muzimila moto mukuchita zosalongosoka????? Mumaliza zipani Zingati kodi??? Tatopa ife okutsatilani ndizomwe mukuchitazo.

2016 welcome

You guys never won any election as a party and the ascendancy to power was through constitutional order. Now you still have hope. Instead of demonstrating maturity during your two year stint all what you had to show was mediocre leafership. You failed to win public trust no wonder during the election you came distant third.

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