Undule: On APM call for resignation, jet and need for dialogue

So much is being debated on the current situation in Malawi. We are witnessing so many commentator sand analysts talking on this and that. Of course that is Malawi a country where everybody will say something on anything.



We hear remarks from opposition political parties mostly Malawi Congress Party and NGOs that President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party have failed and should go. What see missing is lack of taking up the responsibility that the opposition have a role to play in rebuilding of our nation. But we hear the opposite“YOU SHOULD GO AND I COME IN” tone all the time.

Surely everybody will agree the nation is struggling economically with many other problems, but we need a better way of addressing them and honestly not calling for the President to go. Why not seek an audience with the President as Leader of Opposition to present magic proposals if any? My appeal to the opposition is let them be objective and push for genuine constructive engagement, let them move away from prophecies of doom, Malawi need stability for development.

When it comes to the issue of Jet I wonder whether we want our President to jump on Kabaza to international meetings or squeeze in other flights and wait for hours on transits. He is our President, with honour and privileges, come on bretheren, what about those security, protocols issues involved in the movements of every President? Do we want ours to be exposed,with this in mind that by the way we never asked him to stand as our President,let him listen and do as we say.

Honestly the President will not govern properly by acting on every of our voices and concerns. That will definitely make him go crazy. But at the same time let APM have a solid team of Ministers, Principal Secretaries, Advisers who are ready to sacrifice with him. If they fail him let them be offloaded as in this current crisis APM needs copilots, hostesses, stewards conductors, mechanics, spanner boys and not just sleeping passengers.

Back on the Jet issue first let us look at the previous Jet auctioning, and interestinglyit is the same Malawians who forced it to be sold. My view is the nation must have its own Jet to avoid more expenses because whether we like it or not we will keep on spending more unless we have one.

On some NGOs call for mass demonstrations, sure I don’t dispute demonstrations are a constitutional right but must be last resort. We should avoid comparison to the 20th July 2011 demos which were unique.The terrain has changed with new factors and opportunities for open engagement than confrontation.

The nation must support dialogue framework with lessons from the 20th July demos.We must avoid moving in circles by addressing issues as a United Nation . Give dialogue a chance because even if we hire Obama he will never change anything because we lack a national common purpose, vision and unity.

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If the president stay mute, we complain, when he talks, we also complain. Typical of Malawians.


Now I am confused reading what Undule has pasted here and considering who Undule is


bravo undule, we want men who see the importance of unity. thumbs-up

ften samuel

A undule izi ndiye zopusa

Rodgers Banda

Msowoya it is you who need education. Mtharika has never listenef to opposition. We can’t stay in this mess till 2019. It’s too much to bear. Don’t support rubbish.

Winston Msowoya

Let me inform Mr.Clement that Botswana is not a member of G7 nations,but it’s economic performance is excellent and consistent in the whole of Africa,while Malawi is at the bottom of the poorest nations of our planet.The mentality you have equals to a boy of 5 years.Pls wake up and avoid partisan way of thinking.Peter Muthalika is leading our country to a desastrous conclusion that not far from now,you will regret.Do not live in a cocoon of self deception,sorry for you and please get educated.

A Dungah Tchuzi- Chikwawa
Since Undule Mwakasungula became a born again his thinking, talking , understanding,seeing have become so different. i think then because he was always with this guy Mathanyula he was not a normal person but now Mwakasungula is upright man. I always follow you whatever articles you are writing i can miss from reading, what you have written here its what every person is supposed to say or think. the MCP is talking all the nonses because it is think time has come for it take over the reign but that is not how it is supposed to happen. malawi is… Read more »
Andrew Fatch

For the first time i have seen people opposing objectively this is the spirit malawians should all take bravo Mwakasungula.Let these people who r despising u to think again and pray to GOD that grace of the Lord be upon them.

George phiri

Anthu a yakumbuyo amaganiza mopereweradi ndaona. Mwakasungula does not understand anything I guess. People are asking the President to be prudent. If there is enough money lets eat meat but if not then vegetables will do. You dont go to sleep when your house is on fire. Nkhani mwayankha akulu ndiya jet yokha what about the huge audiance which attended UNAGA? Mwakasungula should repent otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!


Kodi Undule uyu ndiye uti? Ndi yemwe uja? Za lembedwa apa ndiye zanzeru. You do not set your house on fire and expect things to improve. This government seems confused and incompetent and what they need is constructive options, not forcing them out. That will create far more problems. Opposition, please stick with your constructive criticism, Malawians will vote them out for you if they do not take constructive advice. I am sure with this arrogance and incompetence, they will find it impossible to rig the vote again. So pathetic these people have a short memory.

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