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US based Dr Cedrick Ngalande to run for president in Malawi 2019 elections

United States of America, Silicon Valley based aerospace engineer and space scientist, Dr Cedrick Ngalande has announced in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times that he would contest the country’s presidency as an independent candidate.

 Ngalande: Presidential aspirant

Ngalande told Nyasa Times that had decided to run for the 21 May 2019 poll after observing that the people’s aspirations have not been fulfilled during the 30-year rule the late Dr Kamuzu Banda which ended in 1994 and the current multiparty system of government.

He said come next year, Malawians have a golden opportunity to choose real visionary leaders.

Ngalande who earned both his Masters Degree in aerospace engineering-astronautics (2004) and his Ph.D. in astronautical engineering (2007) in US, strongly believes that Malawi can be served better with an independent president who will not be dictated to by partisan interests and do away with the current cronyism.

He told Nyasa Times that Malawians have been waiting for a true leader hence hopeful of winning the forthcoming 2019 general elections as an independent candidate.

“Once Malawians know what options they have, I am very confident they will go with our agenda. In the past, Malawians have settled for mediocre leadership for lacking better options. Our agenda resonates with a common man in the village.

“Our campaign is for the villager. Forget about the city dwellers! This campaign is for the villager. And over and over again, the decisions we make will depend on the answer to the question, how does this help the common man and woman in the villages?”

Ngalande added: “Over the next 8 months, I will share with you my vision of how we can develop Malawi and transform it to be the country we have always dreamt of.”

“Malawi is a beautiful country. It truly deserves the title ‘the warm heart of Africa’. Malawians are hardworking and innovative. We have been let down by our leaders.

“54 years is a long time. We have spent most of those years moving in circles. We have to do better. We honour the people who fought and died for our independence by appointing capable men and women of integrity to lead this country,” he explained.

Ngalande further intends to be president for five years only once elected into presidential office.

He explained: “I will not run for re-election. This is why we are setting a clear and concise agenda. I believe we need new ideas in the system. This is not a game I want to play. My promises to Malawians are few, concise and measurable. I want Malawians to know, understand and remember these promises so that they can hold my government accountable if we fail.”

Born on September 29, 1970, Ngalande hails from Phalombe District.

“My father, Alfred Goliati came from Kumadzi Village in Thyolo District, and my mother Jean Singani was born at Thangudzi in Mulanje District. Her family eventually settled at Mangodza Village in Phalombe.

“I was born and grew up in rural areas. My parents were primary school teachers. They taught deep in the villages. I have a lot of fond memories about my life in the village in my formative years. The villages also taught me the struggles Malawians go through their daily lives,” Ngalande narrated.

Ngalande is an Aerospace Engineer, Space Scientist and Financial Engineer who also holds a PhD in Astronautical Engineering.

His  work experience, among others, includes roles as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the US Naval Research Laboratory, a visiting Professor of Astronautics at the University of Southern California, a visiting Scientist at NASA/JPL and a Senior Space Systems Engineer at Microcosm Space Missions Company.

Ngalande said he will be flying back home to join a “soon-to-be-crowded” campaign trail for the presidency.

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