UTM convention to be held Nov 9:  Caucus elects regional, district leaders

Malawi Vice-President Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) is set to conduct its first national convention in November after a team building exercise for its national, regional and district officials meeting in Lilongwe on Tuesday agreed.

Chilima and the UTM troops pose for a photo after a caucus
UTM meeting of leaders at Ufulu Gardens

The party spokesman Joseph Chidanti Malunga said the meeting was held at Ufulu Gardens as the movement continues to prepare for the 2019 tripartite elections.

“The main purpose for the team building exercise was to ensure that UTM leaders at all levels are empowered with information and authority to carry out tasks aimed at advancing the movement’s objectives,” reads a communiqué issued  by secretary general Patricia Kaliati after the meeting.

“Among other things, delegates to the meeting took time review UTM activities since its launch on 21 July 2019, agreed on the way forward for the party, apart from sharing successes and challenges being experienced in their respective areas,” the communiqué  made available to Nyasa Times further reads.

Delegates have elected regional, and district level champions to spearhead preparations for the movement’s convention to be held on a date to be held on November 9 2018.

Malunga said the movement will be deciding on the exact venue and other logistics for the convention soon.

He said the movement expects that all positions, including that of president, will be up for grabs at the convention.

“UTM is now ready to start ground work strengthening structures and recruiting new members to ensure that we enter the government come 2019,” said Malunga.

Meanwhile, analysts argued that the coming in of UTM, has weakened both the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)—widely seen as frontrunners for 2019 presidential race —as most of those joining the movement are defecting from the two parties.

University of Livingstonia political scientist George Phiri however, said it was hard to predict UTM’s prospects of winning the polls, arguing that the movement has not yet established enough structures that could be used to measure its poll strength.

Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI) chairperson and Catholic University political scientist Nandini Patel projected more alliances before and after the 2019 elections.

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Chilima Sangawine Wagwanayo

Uyu chilima boy angokhala pansi basi. Zoti angaqwetse two giants MCP and DPP ndizabodza kwabasi. Ndi DPP yokha yomwe imakwanitsa kuwina from oppsition. Angotipangira resign basi. He is just power hungry! Akufuna atakagona ku state house.


This boy is very useless. What new has he said to the people apart from kuopseza anzake kuti awulula zomwe amakambirana ndi Peter, awulura anthu amene ali corrupt ku DPP. He is so childish. He might be a hard worker yes but he too power hungry.

The good thing is that sangawine masankho or atapanga campaign yotani. This is a movement of disgruntled people. Mwauponda!

Ntcheu Nsipe

Two obvious out comes of 2019 elections whatsoever results either DPP is going to die as party or UTM die as a movement….MCP is here to stay……u know what I mean……This is mighty MCP……..popular like never before in multiparty…..


Yes you can do it! Don’t listen to nay Sayers. Go hit the road running, it can be done! NZOTHEKA!




UTM is using top-down approach ndipo zitheka ndithu. We know that they are still some few slow thinking Malawians who are resistant to change hence thinking that UTM siyizawina


Can’t see any future in this grouping. They will not survive beyond December for sure. How do you just hunt for people you barely know and put them as regional and district champions? This is where DPP has earnestly infiltrated you guys and the rest is history.


Kanganiwamba ukunama.

Mwana Pumbwa ndi Pumbwa amene

When you have shared your positions it’s when real struggle will start in UTM…You have not been into any election. even a by election…and all you think is that you are winning…if you lose you will be troublesome…..there is no way you can win 2019 without 7month down the line you do not hv area committees, district, Regional and no running mate nor constitutional leadership nor election monitors…..

The Cashgate Alliance will also eat you so much…..


Advice: Take Manganya for running mate. That guy has guts


UTM is just waiting for rejects from MCP primaries like Njovuyalema. Kudya bibi ya MCP and nyansi za dpp. Umve Mumadya Party as seen kudya chips cha pa chiwaya cooked with transformers fuel. Chipana cha ma divorced women and widows. Scavenger party.