UTM forays into DPP heartland: Chilima tackles emotive land issue for people in Mulanje, Thyolo

In what can best described as a daring but successful incursion, the United Transformation Movement (UTM), Sunday, held a public rally that attracted a large crowd at Namphungo Primary School Ground  in Mulanje, which, together with Thyolo, Phalombe and Chiradzulu which forms the grassroots axis of power for the ruling Democratic Progressive party (DPP).

Kaliati in her homeground
Chilima and UTM invades Mulanje
UTM frontline troops at Mulanje west rally
UTM supporters at the rally
Chilima at Mulanje west rally
Part of the crowd at Namphungo ground

But defying all odds, thousands of people packed Namphungo, the venue of the rally, in the Mulanje West constituency where UTM’s leader, Saulos Chilima, was the main speaker.

In days and hours leading to the event, the whole nation waited with betted breath, anxious to see how people of Mulanje would respond to UTM’s foray.

The rally was preceded by a vicious mobilization campaign by DPP gurus led by Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha, where they conducted dozens of meetings around Mulanje and Chiradzulu, last week, dissuading people from patronizing the UTM meeting.

“They begged the people not to come but what they did not know is that we, the Lowes, are very smart people who think for ourselves, just look at this crowd,” said master of ceremony Bon Kalindo, addressing Chilima.

Lhomwe is the dominant tribe in the said four DPP stronghold districts, collectively known by the moniker Lhomwe Belt.

Over 15 sitting members of Parliament have joined UTM since its inception some two months ago, including those from Mulanje, namely, Kalindo and Patricia Kaliati who is also Secretary General of UTM and in whose constituency the rally was held.

The Namphungo rally was UTM’S first to be held in a rural setting as the movement embarks on a nationwide rural outreach following completion of its launch series which started with the first rally held in July this year  in Lilongwe followed by four more held in Blantyre, Mzuzu, Mangochi and Zomba.

Unlike UTM’s event in Mangochi that saw two cars belonging to the movement being petrol-bombed, no violence was reported before or during the Namphungo rally.

In his speech, Chilima pledged that if elected to the presidency in the 2019 Tripartite Elections he will push for the release of land for the landless people in Mulanje and Thyolo districts.

“Without land people cannot do anything to develop themselves. As such when we take over the running of government next year, we will engage some big land owners to release part of their land to landless people,” said Chilima.

He added: “We will not allow this selfishness to continue. You only have one home and it is in your localities where you should feel at home.”

Chilima also pledged to develop the tourism sector in the district, which he described as having potential to contribute significantly to the country’s economic development.

“We intent to uplift efforts of making Mulanje a tourist attraction hub. Because of that, we need to plant more trees to make Mulanje Mountain greener.

“We will also ensure that people here have potable water, well-equipped hospitals that are closer to their localities and ensure that no child drops out of school because of lack of school fees.” Chilima added.

Earlier, Kaliati said UTM has made inroads at the grassroots of the Lhomwe belt and promised to win seats in the next year’s elections, saying even in Thyolo where President Mutharika comes from people are supporting Chilima.

And George Saonda, a relation to President Mutharika, also spoke at the rally, saying he has quit DPP to help UTM get into power.

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Pumbwa Mwana

MCP boma…

Paja mukagawana zida according to this satanic movement


Our world is never complete until we realise that the land belongs to us further to this any piece of land is heirloom with no intention of ever selling it to anyone. Yes all governments since 1964 have avoided the landlessness as a topic both in Parliament in their party manifestoes. The rich land owners have a way of worming through the hearts of our evil leeches the shameless vultures whose finger is forever in the jar of sugar the finger licking goes on forever. Now that Chilima and his crew are ready to go an extra mile to get… Read more »

Ntumbuka Mwenecho

He stood up and said don’t clap hands to leadership idiocy while people like Kalindo, Kaliati, Saonda and Masangwi were bootlicking him as a savior. He said nothing to the boot licking…kkkkkkkkk

Patrick Mbewe

Mukumva pheeeni. Is that all you can fault Chilima?

Ntumbuka Mwenecho

Does it sound as a faulting or as a fact Mr Empty-head Mbewe..kkkkkkkkk


kkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahaaha

Mike Tembwe

Go ahead and cheat yourselves that you have made inroads at the grassroots of the whatever belt, be it Lomwe, Chewa, Tumbuka etc. You will be shocked next year. Malawians are not fast asleep. They know and see what is happening. Some votes can not be bought by empty promises.

Mzanga Dausi

Oba Chimanga ndikuotcha capital hill alimmadzi. Malawi motoooooo!!!!


The land issue goes beyond economics but rather touches on dignity. Africans and indeed Malawians have spiritual connection to ancestral land which I believe the colonisers forcefully and tacitly took it away from the true custodians. It is critical that this matter be resolved in an amicable way to avoid the Zim situation and now South Africa. Land belongs to those who live in it and not those who have the economic means to buy it at a price of a goat.

Kassan Kaselema

lhomwes are unpredictable. public appearance should not deceive anybody who is desperately in need of attention. ask brown, amayi jb…. onsewo amati akabwera madera amenewo anthu amati ndinu mwana wathu tikuvoterani. one of the T/As there personalized joyce banda as his sister, what happen later you can check election data with MEC. I even overheld a report by some village heads who were brainstorming about their meetings… their big told them blantantly; recive everybody, accept gifts, give room to whoever, mavoti ndi mumtima. So lets just keep on watching. about land issues, I don’t thick its necessary to put it… Read more »

Ntumbuka Mwenecho

What I saw on Times TV did not amount t a large crowd of the populous Namphungo area and its surroundings. And I have been reliably informed that Akweni’s acceptance has gone down to around 2% which people on ground zero in the area say accounted for her visible anger. Let us wait and see and watch the Namphungo space…kkkkkkkk


Keep on dreaming Mr Chilima and Kaliat. Maybe some other areas but don’t you ever think you can change people’s love for DPP over nigh. Yes they came just to hear your bullshit speeches. And please stop this issue of land in Mulanje and Thyolo. If you think you can get votes from those districts by selleng us that bullshit land issue then mukudzichinda nokha ndi chala. Malo mukufuna kupereka kwa anthuwo ndi ochepa anthu onse sangakwane, koma ma tea estate ali kumaderawa akuthandiza anthu a mabomawa kumbali ya ntchito. wena akutumiza ana mmasukulu kupyolera ntchito zomwe amagwira mma estate… Read more »

Agenda Setting Theory

mukumva kuwawa inu, just accept that things have fallen apart, there are people who in March this year had made up their minds to vote DPP but now they have switched sides. Mukumva kuwawa inu and we can see it from your language.


kkkkkkk kumva kuwawa, you don’t know mulanje my friend. tidzakomanso pompano after next year’s election


Akweni kuitengera tsopano UTM kuchipinda konko ndiye nkuzayankhula mwamphamvu pamene paja.

Koma chenjerani pakuti omusatira chilimayu akuchulukira-chulukirabe

Namalomba Fredrick

So by your name, you know kuti alomwe ambiri ndiwosazindikira and they support DPP blindly???? Spread the message brother


Namalomba i personally don’t like your comments about us lhomwes. Why must we be called anthu osazindikila? Chifukwa chakuti sitikusapota chipani chomwe umasapota iwe? And who told you that because you support a bus company then it guarantees you to be munthu ozindikira? Samala mphwanga usandipangitse kuti ndikutukwane muchilhomwe.