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while i appreciate talk from govt side there is nothing done really to assist youths to access loans easily .talk talk and talk more with almost no actoion on ground ! my question is can youths get loans that easily with close supervision to its use ?im ready for one if that chance exists !


You (the VP) are telling others not to lead lives of luxury but what kind of life do you lead yourself. You are telling Malawian youths to venture into business yet you have no known business yourself, always under employment yet you have capital. Then you tell those without capital to risk it


He didn’t say you shouldn’t leave a luxury life ,as an interpreneur you have to persevere up until you have a strong capital base,then you can eat the fruits of your lab
our,lets learn from entrepreneurs

As government yourself, the VP should put in place enabling legislation and policies to enable the youth obtain affordable loans from the commercial banks. The banks are under the control of laws of the nation through the reserve bank of Malawi. It is therefore hypocritical for the VP to be asking the banks to open up for the youth when he has what it takes for this to happen since he is in government now. This plastic goodwill is evident in all African politicians. You have failed your own people big time. That is why most of the youth are… Read more »

I was there and I can tell you that this Young Man is the President in waiting.


Good statistics. Malawians love to decorate their speeches very well. However, it is better to do more and talk less. Learn from entrepreneurship development models from India, Singapore, South Korea and other countries in Asia .

Until when we become a nation of doers and not talkers, we will always be ranked at the bottom of poorest countries.