1,000 suspects named in K2bn ‘cashgate’ at Ministry of Health: US aid on HIV fight looted

Ministry of Health has confirmed the report by Nyasa Times of the  existence of  a National Audit Office (NAO) audit report chronologizing on how some dishonest officials from the ministry managed to loot the donated funds from the US- funded Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and that K2.5billion  was looted between 2013 and 2015.

Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume: Abuse of resources in Ministry of Health

Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume: Abuse of resources in Ministry of Health

Spokesperson for Ministry of Health, Adrian Chikumbe said the NAO report has implicated director of finance, human resources and HIV in the ministry as well as rank outsiders from the ministry who connived  with staff to plunder the resources mercilessly.

“A total of K399, 421,090, 00 was given to individuals whose names could not be traced [and ] a total of  K1,045, 068, 020,00 was issued to officers whose designation wa snot indicated,” reads part of the NAO report

Chikumbe said fiscal police will “investigate further” the scam.

The report also indicated there was poor fuel management which resulted in abuse of  K277, 114, 171, 62.

Chikumbe, however, said all employees implicated have since been interdicted.

In December 2015, Malawi Government suspended 63  workers from the Ministry.

These included the Director of human resource, the Director of finance and two chief accountants to pave way for a thorough audit investigation over unjustified withdrawal of allowances and fuel abuse.

The dismissal of the health officials followed the complaint which the US-funded Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had made to the Malawi Government where it suspected that some officials were dipping their fingers into CDC coffers which were meant to address HIV and Aids problem.

Ministry of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume told media that  the stolen money were in “millions”, adding that the US-
funded Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had written the ministry to complain that they suspected civil servants from the HIV and AIDS project were to be defrauding the said funds.

Kumpalume admitted that abuse of resources in his ministry.

“A few greedy individuals who want to benefit out of the poor are embezzling money in the health system, projects have stalled. We need to jointly come up with a monitoring mechanism, follow ethics and be patriotic.

“It is sad to note that for an individual to carry out a project the cost is  reasonable but for the same project to be carried out by government the figures multiplies,” lamented Kumpalume when he toured  College of Medicine (CoM) in Blantyre .

He noted that most projects are abandoned or ignored due to bloated figures.

US ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, expressed the hope that the authorities “will identify those responsible for the looting and that they will be held accountable for the misuse of funds intended to improve the health of Malawian citizens.”

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33 thoughts on “1,000 suspects named in K2bn ‘cashgate’ at Ministry of Health: US aid on HIV fight looted”

  1. Nyasa says:

    National Audit Office should also visit Agricultural Research Departments, especially Chitedze Research Station. Take me as a whistle blower.

    There’s alot of abuse on resouces. Sue me if you don’t fibd anything.

  2. wee says:

    Hey journalists have more information before you write anything. The period concerned, the total project amount was 2.6 billion and you are say

  3. Zondiwe says:

    It is a pity that it is our Civil Servants that are stealing money.
    The generations that were carrying answer sheets into examination rooms are the ones who are now in important positions in government.
    This malaise will take a long time to eradicate since our educational system is no longer emphasizing ethical behaviour.
    Retired and upright civil servants should be re-deployed in the Civil Service, to clean up the mess and train the existing civil servants ethical behaviour. If you look hard, Civil Servants themselves are nor speaking about the looting because most are involved.

  4. nabetha says:

    Enafe kumaoneka ngat osatha kugwilitsa ntchito bwino ndalama. kukanika kugula ka plot

  5. Iwe Denguzman, zimene wakamba pamenepa ndi manyi. You cannot say those involved in the malpractice are from the south and therefore they cannot be prosecuted. Evil is evil, that’s what my Bible says. Iwe Bokho, mooti umati ukagona umaganiza zooti MCP idzalowanso m’boma? Tell me, how do you imagine MCP coming into government again? Are you not worried that Chakwera abandoned the pulpit for the sake of politics? Aise Bokho, forget that MCP will occupy Capital Hill. Never at all. You and me should see each other in 2019.

  6. Nkalapwaga says:

    Death Penalty for all looters

  7. Nkalapwaga says:

    Death penalty for Looters

  8. Tozer Tsono says:

    Virginia Palmer seems to trust the system that is obviously corrupt to investigate itself but no one in Peter Mutharika’s government has a clue on how to stem the pilfering of government resources let alone put a checks and balances in place to change the culture of blatant graft.
    No one seems to care how much time is involved in pursuing stolen money, the cost of failed projects, and the health of of Malawians left in the balance. Ms. Palmer, where will the government get the money to investigate this latest looting? You know very well they don’t even have funds to support PAC who currently are unable to pore over the details regarding the K577bn to 1trillion kwacha, if we are to believe PAC spokesperson Kamlepo Kalua. Malawi will become another Somalia if Donor countries don’t jump in with their own auditors at their own cost to finish the investigations regarding stolen dollars. All the Malawi government has to do is not fund the National Audit Organization, consequently, curtailing the organization’s activities. Why pay auditors in the NAO at all?

    Please Donors, do your due diligence to rescue Malawi from crumbling. You can even suggest that monetary decisions be vetted through a parallel Donor-managed monetary handling institution for a while, till the corruption is under control.

    How many billions of Kwacha are unaccounted for to date?

    Under Bingu Mutharika: K1000 billion
    Under Joyce Banda: K030 billion
    Under Peter Mutharika: K 20 billion and counting

    The cost of chasing after the monies is unimaginable. The National Audit Organization is unfit for the job.


    We are always blemming Govenment saying it is failling . In malawi , the looting of Govrnment and aid funds is contributing to the failure of most of the sectors where Government is supposed to provide services and Malwians are suffering due to a few people who are selfish and unpatriotic . Such people if proved guilty should simply have all their property confiscated and sold to recover the looted money .By so doing, others who may want to do the same ( looting) will think twice before doing it

  10. Andrea says:

    we need a system in Malawi where faithful people are rewarded otherwise this evil wont cease

  11. Kadakwiza says:

    Ashamed to be Malawian.

  12. namasina says:

    Kodi kupempheraku mumakapemphera ciani? A Malawi you are in the forefront of religion but all you are really doing is masking your evil deeds! You are riddled with aids,cashgate is in all government departments and your deeds are far removed from christianity! Shame you lot!But your time will come when you will probably be left with nothing.

  13. Denguzman. says:

    Why only Health? Tikayamba zomangana mubomamu mukhala munthu? Vuto ndiloti ambiri mwa anthuwa ndi aku Southern Region koma ndizoona kuti angamangidwe? Let us wait and see.

  14. chithumwa says:

    Indedi anthuwa amanga zi nyumba zoti ndimalipiro awo sakugwirizana,koma dziwani kuti mukamalowa mnyumba zanuzo mumakhala mukuba mpaka moyo wanu wonse dziwani zimenezo


    Vuto la a Malawi ambiri masiku ano akufuna kuti azitchuka. Oh yes let me say it and don’t dare interrupt me lest I will expose you. Akumanga dzinyumbatu dzabwino dzipo dzadzikulu dzija koma wokhalamowo anthu awi wokha basi mwinanso ndiwosabereka nkomwe ati pool momwemo komanso satha kusambira; Dziamagalimoto dzopuma latest anzanga!!! Kufunsa amagwira ntchito kuti akuti mmboma. Eh e!!! komanso mwina mbomama ati ndi a Clerical Officer kapena a OS, wothira mafuta (Transport Officer). Nanga chinyumbachi akumanga anzanga ndalama akuzitenga kutu poti mboma malipiro ndi wochepa! Komatu chinyumba ndinena matailosi panja ponse ndipo mwezi umodzi wokha chatha kumang’idwa chinyumba cha zonse mommwemo. a Transport officer akamathira mafuta ati hafu kapena kota m’galimoto yaboma kwinako kugawana ndi fuel attendant. Naye wakuchipatala mumva akuti ali ndi Private Clinic; mankhwala nkukhala aboma. Mundinvetsetsetu sizinasiye malo ndipo a APM know and Achilima know this whether you like it or not. Kodi a VP a Chilima what type of systems are there in Airtel poti inu abwana munali katakwe wogona chitseko chosatseka ku Airtel ko.Maso wonse amyanga utsogoleri wanu kumeneko kuti the company should grow and expand and make the necessary profits. Kodi m’ma Private Hospital bwanji mankhwala, fuel and name it sizibedwa??? nanga mmbomamu mukuganiza vuto lagona pati. Let’s go back to our late Ngwazi’s time (May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace); these things were not as bad as now. Deliberate systems used to be in place simply to check these malpractices. Nanga inu mwatani mukungoyimba nyimbo yosavinika??? Today there are just too many forms of cashgates in Government and syndicates which even controlling officers are busy dancing with their juniors. Let me tell you this that Malawi is not a poor country as many shallow minded Malawians think. Just ask youselveves: could God be so unkind to give us Malawi when the Almighty pretty well knew it was poor??? Abego to differ hemently and down to my foot as for my blood let it be cool to keep me alive for just the next second. We have destroyed all the foundations and pillars of our development and everyone is busy milking the very poorly fed Malawi My Beloved Country because of nothing but pure SELFISHNES. Please take not this is my message to our so called leaders whether in Government, Private Sector and the Church as well. One more irrelevant question please…..where is YOUTH WEEK and CIVICS etc.

  16. Vyantonda says:

    please expose them I want to c my neighbor if not 577 is being increased Malawian wake up names now

  17. Cashgate Gututu says:

    Nsambitu izi!!! Kuba mpaka kutero? Umunthu aMalawi tiribe ayi. Akakumangani kapena kukuchotsani ntchito muziti ndi ndale?

  18. khwangwi says:

    Improve control systems in all the public offices

  19. Is there a way we can perhaps come up with a law similar to the Islamic Shariah law? So in this respect if one is caught embezzling funds a hand gets chopped off and so on and so forth?

    I am sure this would deter people from stealing. You really do not need to send the person to prison as punishment would be netted on the spot – say the high court or any court for that matter would have a special ‘amputation-room or something’. So as soon as one is found guilty, they are just lead there and the deed is done – preferably with an axe! No appeal, nothing! LOL

    Check out http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/crime-and-punishment-islamic-state-vs-saudi-arabia-1588245666

    Only problem is which MP is going to agree to passing that law that would end up ensnaring the same???

  20. Amwali says:

    Am ashamed to be associated with a country that hurts itself like this . How do these people sleep at night????

  21. Takupulika says:

    ifufuzeni national statistics office project iyi ya IHS mmmm abako kwambiri anthu awa.. mpaka mandevu lodge iiii ma million onsewo kumpasa Kalindekafe…Mwatizuza training kumangodya ngati agalu inu mukuba..

  22. Chemwa says:

    PS Magwira, I salute you for your ethical journey as a Civil Servant. I honor the God in you that allowed you to unearth this hot mess. May God richly reward you.
    NEXT on the agenda, lets clear up the Ghost Workers.

    US Govt. don’t let them sweep this under the rug, go deeper and make sure the individuals payback the money – because everytime govt paysback for this foolishness, its the people in the rural areas who suffer. USG – don’t let up! how dare they just loot like that!!!

  23. Austin says:

    Dr. MacPhail Magwira, I salute you, I honor the God in you for your ethical journey in the Civil Service.

  24. funthenkhu says:

    I totally agree with you Akwasagula..PS Magwira is hated for being a good PS.
    THere is more rot at Ministry of Health than what hase been revealed here.
    There is corruption and fraud in health infrastructure, za ma allowance nde zosakamba anthu ku health amapanga abuse ma allowance kumachita kutumbwa nawo. Abuse of motor vehicles is rampant there where officers not entitled to vehicles are entitled vehicles and yet ma hospitals oti amafunika such vehicles alibe. Dr Magwira continue cleaning up the mess…people talk bad about you coz you are good…

  25. The Real Analysts says:

    1000 suspects named? I didn’t see a single name in the report

  26. Vinzal says:

    eeeeeeeh apa pagwa njovu apa……

  27. BOKHO says:

    We need Unity, Loyalty, Obedience and discipline not integrity, Patriotism and hard work. That is why people steal govt finances. Hand over govt to MCP and you see how government is run. There is no Joice Banda here but look how billions are being looted. Where is 1 trillion kwacha report you thieves.

  28. Chaima says:

    Lets hope the audit will also be extended to Bwaila where the DHO Mwale and his Administrators have embezzled a lot of NAC funds that were meant for the Carers of Carers. And also the bogus maintenance charges of cars there never went for repairs and also the where about of the cars that were supposed to be boarded off. Can the authorities also investigate thoroughly all the donations made to Bwaila Hospital! These guys are big crooks and they have embezzled a lot of funds. Should we be made to believe that h Mwale has really have connections with some DPP gurus so that he can not be investigated?

  29. Phwisa says:

    If Govt prosecute these people today some money and properties would be recovered but if one case takes 1 year or 9 years then the Govt is just bothering the officers. They shud be reinstated

  30. master says:

    This is the reason why Malawi will never progress in life, it will remain the poorest country in the world shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. Akwasagula says:

    There is one patriotic “Unsung Hero” who has been despised and castigated everytime he is appointed as PS of any Ministry…..He has unravelled corruption that has to do with allowances and fuel abuse in almost every Ministry he is appointed and as a result he is very unpopular wherever he goes…..He is one example of ” integrity and patriotism” at its best…He is one Dr.Mcphail Magwira…..I will not be surprised if he was the one who unearthed all this corruption at the Ministry of Health during his stint there recently…. I salute you sir………

  32. Ze Roberto says:

    This is it! Surprisingly, there are some African simpletons who think Africa is poor because of external forces. I strongly choose to differ. Africans are destructive. It’s a cursed race. Very dishonest people who are so selfish. No wonder African communities all over the world are a cesspool of criminalities, poor health and all social ills one can imagine. No any black majority society is a developed country. Anthu akuba koma Friday, Saturday and Sunday iliyonse wokapemphera. A Falisi onyenga otsuka chikho kubwalo koma mkati muli ndere. Mtundu wa chivundi. Africa (Malawi) wasanduka chokhalamo akuba, ambanda, achifwamba, achinyengo.

    1. KK says:

      No one can argue with that, See Haiti is now wanting to be part of AU.

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